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Max Hardcore,aka Max Steiner has polarized the porn community like no other director before him. Some worship him as adult's greatest director while others think of him as a world-class misogynist. Rough anal sex and throat-fucking with very young women are the key elements of his movies. He likes to dress up his performers as teenagers, complete with lollipops and ponytails. Maximum Hardcore is the claim and that's exactly what you get in the 400+ movies he's shot so far! According to Max, the women always know what awaits them when they perform in his flicks. His fans love the way Max verbally abuses the girls, skull-fucks their brains out and shoots them full of cum. One of his cameramen once pointed out that half of the scenes he has shot for Max have ended with the girls either crying, bleeding or vomiting. But so far, none of his performers have ever sued Max. Most of them actually seem to get a kick out of Max's taste for rough sex. Born Paul Little, in 1959, Max was raised in Racine, Wisconsin. As a kid, Paul was hyper-active and aggressive. He got into a lot of fights at school, so his parents had to put him on medication. His early years were spent in a Catholic school. After high school he worked in construction and fashion photography. He also produced several short segments for an adult video magazine. In '92, Max hit the jackpot with "The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore", the series that made him famous. Later in the year Max launched the infamous "Cherry Poppers" series featuring girls over 18 years of age dressed as teenagers. He started up his company "Filmwest Productions" and produced the following series MAX, Max World, Hardcore Schoolgirls, Maxed Out and Anal Auditions. His were the first movies to feature anal sex in every scene. But in 2001 Max Hardcore's legacy may be in danger the political climate has changed, especially on titles that feature rough sex. Since it will be almost impossible to find a distributor willing to carry his products, Max has decided to distribute the movies himself in the future...

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Analtown USA 8 Max treats Angie to a game of two hole stickin' and lets her play the corner pocket. Max fouls all over her face . . . and she gets an extra point. Highly recommended Max Hardcore xxx clips.

Extreme Schoolgirls 19 Euro Edition Max Hardcore brings you the hottest, most hardcore, and most deviant sexual exploitations ever captured on film. In this Euro Edition, he pushes all the limits in his pursuit of intense sexual action and lustful releases of sexual aggression! Little Nikki gets totally torn up, Sara is mercilessly reamed and Catalina and Summer are deviant delinquents! See Max Hardcore fucking.

Fists Of Fury 5 These stupid sluts think they're trying out for a regular movie but they get ass reamed and fist fucked by a master of the furious first fuck, Max Hardcore! He teaches these dumb cunts just what they're good for, getting ass reamed and cunt punched! Stupid whores! Their Twat Fu is no match for the fists of fury! XXX Max Hardcore sex scenes.

Fuck Puppets Max Hardcore "controls beautiful models" and turns them into his personal Fuck Puppets! Watch how it's done so you can do it too! Face fuck, oral gagging, cum, drool these girls are having their strings pulled firmly by the king of hardcore. There is absolutely nothing tame about this film at all! Hot Max Hardcore nude shots.

Max 8: The Fugitive Looks like curtains for Max when he's arrested by his arch-nemeses, Inspector Clousot, Who wants to make sure Max never gets away again-ever! A highly watched Max Hardcore video.

Max 9: Where Danger Lurks -Euro Edition- When Max goes over to see a girl he knows, instead he finds her roommate Barbie, and friend Cindy, and these tramps are ready to play! After a brief introduction and making sure no one else is home Max helps himself to the two girls by jamming his cock down each of their throats and having them blow bubbles with the mess! After having Cindy lick his ass, Max ass-fucks both girls, then finishes up by cuming in Cindy's face after pulling it out of Barbie's ass! Cindy squeezes the cum into Barbie's mouth, who then gargles with the slimy mess before giving it back to Cindy! Disss-gusting! A great Max Hardcore porn movie.

Max, Don't Fuck Up My Mommy 2 Oh my goodness, these girls are raw! They define hardcore. Watch as Max mercilessly manhandles ordinary mothers, unleashing crazed cougars. These pretty moms have the hottest bodies you've ever seen that deserve some filthy fucking. Lucky for us, Max does the job with anal, face-fucking and more. Very nice Max Hardcore naked scenes.

Maxed Out 18 The Euro Edition! Live anal from the French Riviera! See anal at the Porn Expo and Kristin's cunt gets creamed in Atlantic City! Watch Max Hardcore getting fucked.

This Isn't Max Hardcore A Femdom Parody We all know who this isn't... and we will never forget this hot scene. Our Max is worked over good. Gorgeous Kristina Rose has a way, a very verbal way to make Max feel so worthless. He is ass fucked, turned into a wimpy pony boy, she even gets her pretty foot right up his ass. All the while we are treated to some really nice vocals from our young vixen. Damn, it's wrong, and I LOVE IT! See Max Hardcore fuck up close.

Universal Max 11 Max Hardcore is back again with another installment to his smash hit series Universal Max! There is even more suckin' and fuckin' then ever before with anal in every scene! These young, fresh-faced beauties can't get enough of Max or each other. Whether he is banging them in the ass or in the mouth they take every inch of him and clamor for more! Max Hardcore fucked real hard.

Universal Max 5 Looks like good 'ol Max is up to his old tricks! Watch as Mr. Hardcore himself tricks and then pummels and completely devastates these unsuspecting teens! Max absolutely obliterates every last hole on these dumb sluts, who will never, ever be the same once Max is finished with them! One of the most popular Max Hardcore movies.

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