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AKAMegan Lee, Caroline Chambers, Heather Newman, Caitlyn Lewiss Megan Leigh was born on March 2, 1964. At the age of 14 she ran away from her Oakland, California home. By the age of 17, Megan was working at a massage parlor in Guam, and by 18 moved back to the Bay Area to work as a stripper in San Francisco. Unfortunately for the adult industry, Megan Leigh’s body was found on June 16, 1990. She was dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Along with her body a note was found alluding to long running personal problems she could no longer deal with. Her final performance can be found in 1990’s ‘Jail Babes’.

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Classic Sweet Hearts This Carnal compilation gathers together some of the hottest, most gorgeous women in 80's porn for scene after scene of utter sexual sizzle. Each scene is a steamy one-on-one tryst, which enables the passion between the performers to truly come through. Among the highlights is Shauna Grant's endlessly enthusiastic romp with John Leslie, one of her most energetic sessions ever. Kay Parker shows a mustachioed gent a good time in a poolside plunge, while Hyapatia Lee and her man let loose with a fiery filing of their own. Samantha Fox also shines as a blushing bride who takes her groom on a guided tour of passions outer reaches. Classic Sweet Hearts' is a great pick for couples of anyone into old school porn! XXX Megan Leigh sex scenes. 7 Megan Lee interviews Wenona about being an athletic model that does fetish and bondage modeling. Then rock hard body Mandy K. works out using free weights in a skimpy workout outfit she chose for me. Next rock hard body Mandy K. strips off her workout clothes and sweats in the nude with free weights. Fetish superstar Wenona works out in my gym using free weights. Then Wenona works out in my gym using free weights in the nude. Muscular Mandy K. does a workout and climbs around my frame like on monkey bars. Mandy K. workouts and climbs around my frame in the nude. On a cold day, Wenona warms up with doing some power yoga. After warming up, wenona strips to complete her power yoga session in the nude. Angel starts her fitness workout program with some free weights then angel strips nude and works out. Watch Megan Leigh getting fucked.

Forced Orgasms 57 Hard bodied women make me, well... hard. Megan Heart chooses me for her first hard sexual bondage experience. I do my best! Scene 1: Megan strips, shows her incredibly toned and busty figure, is rope bound and pulled to her toes by a crotch-rope. When she comes down she fights the massager, trying not to cum... bad idea! Scene 2: Stretched wide, blindfolded, nipples teased relentlessly then tied to toes, the wand hangs and teases her... a fit punishment for fighting orgasms. Very nice Megan Leigh naked scenes.

Girl World 2 GirlWorld, the exclusive hideaway that specializes in training women to make love with each other has been taken over by Sharon Mitchell who is keeping up the good work that founder Nina Hartley started. Sharon is continuing the training of old student (Megan Leigh, Nikki Knights) and new Shanna McCullough, Carol Titian, Rita Erotica in her own special bizarre techniques in lovemaking. Suddenly, a familiar voice starts to gives directions over the PA system. It's Nina Hartley who returns to give every lesson. The students respond with a wild orgy that includes a fantastic double penetration scene that has to be seen for anyone to believed. See Megan Leigh fucking.

Girl World Girl World is an exclusive hideaway that specializes in training young women in the techniques of making love with each other. The headmistress of Girlworld is Nina Hartley who puts different combinations of her current students through their paces, describing what to do to each other with her extensive toys. Everything is shown in sensuous and juicy details. The training ends in a wild party during which Nina's students get to show off their new skills. One of the most popular Megan Leigh movies.

Hard Fokus Hard Fokus takes you behind the scenes of the hardcore photography world. Tracy Adams and Megan Leigh show that they have what it takes to make it on film. Lens Lixard Billy Dee does his best impresion of a human tripod as he zooms right in (and out) on the action. Also starring Krista Lane, Don Fernando, and Nina Hartley 'Hard Fokus'...where over exposure is a way of life!!! See Megan Leigh fuck up close.

Home Movies 6 Fitness model Megan expressed to me her desire to be controlled, so I thought I would try to push her. Megan is bound in demanding predicament bondage, pulled on tip toes by her tied hair and a tight crotch rope. her muscular legs strain as she tries to ease the bite of the rope on sensitive areas. Charlie Monroe is a tall, leggy, goth that came to me quite nervous. While she enjoys control and tight bondage in her private play, this is her first venture in front of a camera being tied and played with. Charlie wanted the bondage to be inescapable and I deliver. Charlie strains on her toes bound by her hair, wrists pulled back strappado, and an extremely tight crotch rope. Charlie grinds her pussy on the rope as I flog her. She bites hard into her leather bit gag as I drag the Hitachi across the crotch rope. Charlie Monroe is bound kneeling. A rope around her waist arches her up. Her nipples are clamped and pulled with strings to make her arch more. Her pussy is exposed and unable to escape the Hitachi. after a few screaming orgasms, I give her two more, removing each nipple clamp at the apex of each orgasm. Intense screaming and punishing orgasms. Highly recommended Megan Leigh xxx clips.

Porn Star Legends: Megan Leigh A clean scrubbed, innocent looking young blonde. Megan Leigh's trim, dance honed figure is a vision of voluptuous sensuality. Bubbly and playful, this is a woman who revels in exhibitionist sex, projecting a passionate intensity that makes each scene completely believable and totally erotic. Hot Megan Leigh nude shots.

Romeo And Juliet Great classic porn with funny humor, good acting and great sex? This may not have been what Shakespeare had in mind, but who cares? Robert Bullock and Nina Hartley star as the beleaguered director and his bisexual wife. And Tom Byron is great as the janitor. It's about a theatre troupe doing the production of the classic, against the setbacks of a theatre owner (Joey Silvera) who's plan is to, oddly enough, sell out to "porno movie people," and a lead actor (Jerry Butler) who's a little too full of himself. This is a porn movie with humor, good acting, and great sex. A highly watched Megan Leigh video.

Rule Breaker A mischievous group of gorgeous college girls team up to lead you on an erotic romp through a zany sexual adventure. A thrill a minute is what you'll get as these pleasure seekers break every rule in the book in order to fulfill their sexual desires! A great Megan Leigh porn movie.

The Best Of Girl World You are about to witness the biggest and best collection of girl-loves-girl videos ever put together. Ms. Sally Dori brings you her personal choice of the best scenes from Girl World the series. Luscious lips-on-lips and pink-on-pink will make you writhe in excitement and ultimate pleasure. This is an all-girl adventure that can never be forgotten. A hard-hitting video that brings home the feelings and sends the juices flowing, The Best Of Girl World is the collection that had to be made. Now it's here just for you! Megan Leigh fucked real hard.

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