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Mica went into modeling immediately after high school. In Mica's apare time she watches movies,listen's to Rap Music and drives around town in her ford truck. Being a Georgia peach, Mica wants to travel the world with a Rich Fella and just enjoy all that life has to offer.

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Fantasy Cock Mica's very first steamy sex photo shoot. She loves to slip a limp cock in her mouth and harden it up with her gorgeous moist warm mouth. Now it's Mica's turn to ride up and down on his throbbing shaft to an explosive orgasm. Very nice Mica West naked scenes.

FiFi the Maid Fifi loves to wear her little French maid outfit as she cleans. As she's dusting the sailboats she finds a little blue vibrator, Ooo La La!¯ She bends over, pulling her panties aside so you can see her spread her ass wide for you. As she starts to get really excited the clothes start to come off¦ off come the heels, the panties, even the sunglasses. She gives the vibrator a blowjob, wishing she had your hard cock to suck on instead. She starts to fuck herself on the countertop, squirting her juices all over it. You cannot miss this wet gusher! Well, it's time to clean up! When your home needs cleaning give Fifi a call, just be sure to have plenty of paper towels handy, she is a wet one! XXX Mica West sex scenes.

I Can Spell Mica flunked her spelling test. Her father asks her to spell a few words & she gets hung up on Hippopotamus¯. Her father leaves to run some errands while she looks it up in the dictionary. After she finds the word she throws the dictionary to the floor saying, I would rather play than study!¯ As she gets excited she takes off her glasses & lets down her long blonde hair. She slowly finds her way out of the rest of her clothes, first the blouse & then her skirt. This naughty schoolgirl even gives herself a good spanking. Now it's time to play with her favorite toy¦ a dildo attached to a bench nearby. She sucks & rides her toy, wishing she had a real cock to play with! A great Mica West porn movie.

Mica Pink And Wet 2 Mica is at the ballpark cheering on her favorite team. She has a cute little outfit on with a ball cap and red sneakers. She brought her glove just incase she gets a foul ball. She takes off her top and jiggles her full breast to get some attention. She waves and hollers at the truckers going by. She slowly takes off her bottoms leaving just her red sneakers and white ball cap on. She plays with her pink pussy with some great close ups. She has a great creamy orgasm shooting out milky cream out of her wet pussy. Now how can one play baseball with Mica creaming in the stands? Next Mica is playing Jane wearing a jungle outfit lying on jungle print material. She plays with her breast getting really turned on. Tarzan is nowhere to be seen, so she plays the jungle squirt without him. She takes off her panties and turns over spreading her asshole wide open wanting you to fuck her up the ass. Then she turns back around and has another wet gushing orgasm. This girl can really squirt. Then Mica shows up in her cute little schoolgirl uniform with her tits hanging out. She spreads her pink pussy wide for you licking her fingers. She is pretty naughty so she grabs her paddle and gives her ass a nice spanking getting her cheeks nice and red. After fingering her pussy and spreading her ass she grabs her big dildo and gives it a great sucking wishing it was a nice hard cock. Last Mica is doing a photo shoot and needs a cool drink, so the photographer leaves the room and she begins to play for you. Slowly taking off her outfit exposing a beautiful tight body this 18 year old has it all. She grabs her vibrator and begins to tease and play taking it way up inside of her. Out cums the juice as she fucks her self deep and hard into a super squirting orgasm. Mica has one pink and wet pussy and just loves to cum and cum for you. Highly recommended Mica West xxx clips.

Mica Squirts Mica just loves to squirt and in this DVD she lets her juices flow. First she is at the gym working out wearing her cute little workout outfit and Yankee ball cap. She is in fine shape and has the muscles to prove it. But now it is time to play and off comes the Ever last top to expose Mica's beautiful natural breasts. She takes her hair down then off comes her workout belt and the shorts slide down exposing her beautiful trimmed pussy. Now Mica is really getting hot and horny. She grabs her vibrator and begins to play wanting a nice big cock to fuck her hard. She gives the vibrator a good sucking then sticks it way up her pussy fucking herself deep and hard. The camera zooms in for a close up as Mica orgasms and squirts her juices all over the place. Next Mica is wearing pantyhose and a cute short skirt. She just loves wearing her pantyhose and showing off her shapely legs. First the blouse comes off and Mica plays with her big breasts tweaking her nipples. Then off comes the skirt and pantyhose as she teases you showing you her beautiful wet pink pussy. She plays with herself sticking her fingers in deep then explodes in a gush of wet juices squirting out of her swollen pussy. You will want to see this over and over again. Last set Mica is wearing a cute top, sexy underpants and her platform sneakers. She gets right into it sucking on her favorite vibrator wishing it was a big hard cock. In and out of her mouth it goes as she wraps her succulent lips around it. Then sticking it up her hot pussy she fucks herself deep and hard cumming once again squirting all over the place. Now where are those paper towels? This is one DVD that will soon become a collector's item and one you will want in your collection. Mica West is fast becoming the favorite 18 year old on the net! See Mica West fuck up close.

Pantyhose X 3 In the first set Mica is sitting on her couch all ready to go out but waiting for her girlfriend who is running late. Never fear Mica knows how to keep herself entertained. Off come her clothes and after teasing you she slowly takes off her pantyhose. She gets her big vibrator out and shoves it all the way inside of her tight little pink pussy. Some great spread shots now she is ready to meet her girlfriend and go out and score. Next Mica is bored in her office “ just another work day you say¦ not for her or the copy boy. She starts off with her hair up and glasses on and plays with her pantyhose. Then they come off and the copyboy gets her all lubed up. She then fucks herself hard and good with her dildo and vibrator cumming in a big asshole puckering way. Of course she had assistance from the copy boy. He will have a hard time sleeping tonight. Last set she has her cute little Santa Claus helper outfit on wearing her dark pantyhose. She is on break so she has to move fast before all the little elves catch her. Off comes the outfit and under her pantyhose is a cute pair of red undies that match her Santa outfit. She takes a candy cane and fucks her self good with it spreading that famous little pussy wide for all to see. This is a great collection of the incredible Mica West wearing her pantyhose and playing in front of the camera. Watch Mica West getting fucked.

Pee X 3 Vignette One: Mica comes home wearing lingerie with white stockings and sits on her new couch with the plastic still on it. She models her cute outfit for you as her big breasts hang out. She rubs them then drops her top and plays with her nipples getting them hard. She drops her panties and gives you a close up look of her trimmed pink pussy. Getting hot she grabs her dildo, licks the tip and sticks it up her wet pussy. After she fucks herself hard and fast she sits up and pees all over her plastic covered couch. She then grabs her dildo and sticks it up her wet pussy and fucks herself again. Vignette Two: Mica is waiting for the skating rink to open in her skating outfit with the red high-top Converse that really turn her on. She starts playing with her self and takes her top down letting her big breasts bounce. Mica lets her hair down and rubs her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. She spreads wide open showing you deep inside of her as she gets wetter and wetter. Then she cums and gushes all over. She has to pee so she pees all over the ice. Vignette Three: Mica is a pilot waiting for her plane. It gets hot in the room and she has to take off her cute little pilot outfit. She begins to play with her self and opens her wet pussy for you to see. She has to pee so she pees all over the floor then gives herself a good spanking while spreading her ass. Mica West fucked real hard.

Pizza Man Delivers Mica is relaxing on her couch reading her Playboy and comes across a coupon for a pizza. She is getting hungry and decides to order a half of pizza with lots of meat on it. She starts thinking about the pizza delivery boy and gets excited. She rubs her breast and talks about how his cock would feel inside of her. She undoes her belt and slips her jeans down to her ankles and starts to rub her wet pussy, getting hotter and hotter. Some great close-ups of her pink wet pussy spreading wide open for you to see. "Where is that deliveryman, I am getting sooo hungry." Then a knock at the door and she quickly gets dressed and opens the door. The delivery boy comes in and puts her pizza on the table. "Where is all the meat I ordered", Mica says. Being innocent and shy she asks the boy where is more meat. He bends over and takes her pants down and kisses her telling her he has plenty of meat for her. She takes off her blouse and bends over to take his pants down and greedily puts his soft cock in her mouth. "Now this is good meat" she says. She sucks on him getting him hard as a rock. She sits him down and straddles him with her back to the camera. In and out he goes getting her really wet and excited. She turns around and rubs her clit as he pounds her hard. A great orgasm follows. Little Mica just loves getting fucked. The delivery boy pulls out and squirts his load all over her ass making a big mess. She hops off and takes his tool deep into her mouth and gives him a really good sucking. Now this is the best meat ever Hot Mica West nude shots.

Roxy And Mica Get Spanked Roxy and Mica are two schoolgirls sitting on the couch trying to study their biology when Mica just can't keep her mind off of sex. So Roxy gets out the paddle and starts giving Mica a good spanking. Then it becomes Mica's turn and she spanks Roxy. They take turns spanking each other behind then the clothes come off until they are both naked. With fannies red and sore they start to kiss and play with each other both coming to a great orgasm the same time. This is a lot of fun and will keep you watching this DVD over and over again. A highly watched Mica West video.

Teacher's Pet Student Mica West has flunked her biology test and has to stay after school in Ms. Gordon's office to study. Ms. Gordon has a meeting with the principal and tells Mica that she will be back in 30 minutes. As she leaves the room Ms. Gordon tells little Mica Now do not go in my desk.¯ Mica likes boys, not studying. She gets curious and goes into Ms. Gordon's desk. She finds a paddle and spanks her ass like her teacher would. What really gets her attention is the pink dildo hidden in the teacher's desk. She sucks it and begins playing with it. She cums and creams all over with the dildo. She then fingers herself to another orgasm, showing her pink pussy. Ms. Gordon comes back and finds that Mica has been in her desk and gives Mica a good spanking on her bare ass with the paddle. Lots of action and close ups of Mica's beautiful pussy and asshole. See Mica West fucking.

Wet X 5 Mica West is known for her wet & juicy orgasms. This is a collection of 5 of her best squirting scenes ever. In the first scene she is wearing a cute little outfit but it sure is hot out on that deck. She starts to take off her clothes & sprays her hot little body down. It really turns her on so she grabs her vibrator and shows you why her orgasms should be called wetgasms¯! In the second scene she's in tight blue jeans & a little Brat¯ tee shirt, & what a wet little brat she is! It's another juicy one! Then we find her in her bathroom in blue pantyhose a brand new blue sweater squirting her juices all over everything. Next Mica gets all hot & wet playing soccer with the boys. Lastly she goes to the gym to work out. She works up a sweat & has to have a cool drink¦ then, of course, she fucks her way to more squirting wetgasms¯. One of the most popular Mica West movies.

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