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Michael Knight grew up outside Atlantic City with dreams of stardom. He has a degree in TV/Film with a minor in Dance from Glassboro State College in New Jersey, and has worked on several Hollywood sets.. A star from the beginning Michael’s early career got a boost when he was nominated for a Men in Video Award for Hottest Rising Star of 1999. This honor was bestowed upon him before any of his movies had even hit the shelves. Michael is a talented performer who brightens up any scene with his presence.

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All About Sharon Kane Throughout the 80's and 90's, Sharon Kane has been in hundreds of adult features, making her one of the all-time favorite blondes of the Golden Age. Her natural beauty, her tight body and her great work ethic made her an easy choice for the AVN Hall of Fame. Her "on camera" behavior was always white hot to say the least. She was like a caged tiger in heat, always looking to fill her animalistic sexual appetites. She was a queen of kink and she liked it hard, "real hard". All About Sharon Kane is chock full of vintage scenes from the Video-X-Pix library, which perfectly illustrate the sexual highlights of Sharon's erotic career. She loves to suck cock, but has also been known to have an appetite for the pink clam, on occasion. Some of her best lesbian scenes were with another blonde bombshell of the 80's and fellow AVN Hall of Fame, Amber Lynn, as illustrated in her Black Leather Lesbian scene from the Initiation of Cynthia. Sharon also has an undeniable craving for hot man juice, as we see in the opening scene taken from "Sex Drive", where Buck Adam's glazes the van window with his cum and Sharon gladly licks the window clean. Another great compilation from Video-X-Pix, this is a must have for any serious collector of vintage adult material. XXX Michael Knight sex scenes.

Ball In The Family Itchy and Eatit Bonker have a nice house in Queens, a very beautiful daughter who is a nymphomaniac, a mooching son-in-law who is hung like a horse, and a fondness for fooling around every chance they get. Come spend a day with them as they try to keep it BALL IN THE FAMILY.! See Michael Knight fucking.

Canvas When Ross blows the biggest ad campaign of his career, he has the weekend to come up with a killer idea. But when his brother-in-law Jude comes to visit, Ross finds himself distracted by an unforeseen sexual attraction. And he's not the only one with a killer idea. Hot Michael Knight nude shots.

Girls Of B.L.O. An international gang of female terrorist has two things on their minds getting their comrades out of prison, and sex! These women show no mercy in combat or in the bedroom as they try to reunite their forces while satisfying their lusty desires! Watch Michael Knight getting fucked.

Parted Lips Natasha, the wicked Baroness, and her three henchmen comb the entire city in an effort to find Princess Tanya of Balukovia. When Tanya flees to the home of her friend, Jane Linden, the Baroness and her thugs follow her and break into the apartment. Princess Tanya escapes, but her friend is captured! She becomes the hostage and sexual focus of the gang. Jane finds that she is strangely attracted to the tallest of the Baroness' henchmen, one Count Nicolai. The Count and Jane become well acquainted with each other. One of the most popular Michael Knight movies.

Pink Clam Nancy and Paula own a house in Brooklyn. When the girls are visited by Nancy's cousin Antonia, the delicate balance of the household is thrown into a new and unsettling sexual fervor. Antonia starts by brazenly having sex with the delivery boy, and then aggressively bringing Paula into bed with her. Paula is smitten with guilt, and she is so ashamed that she confesses to Nancy about her wild experience making love to Antonia. The whirlwind continues when a stud named Bob drops by to visit. The girls all want him and they all have him! When Antonia realizes she has worn out her welcome, she packs her bags and leaves for home. Michael Knight fucked real hard.

Seven Minutes In Heaven Irene McCall and Glenda Smith are housemates in midtown Manhattan. They are visited by Heaven Leinen during her layover while waiting on a ship to Finland. Heaven is rather square and uninterested in the everyday sexual activities of Irene and Glenda. A highly watched Michael Knight video.

Suzie Creamcheeze Come and take a taste of the most delicious creamcheese ever made! Suzie uses all natural products, lots of love, and a secret ingredient that makes her creamcheese the one to eat! But the one thing that Suzie likes more than eating is sex. And Suzie proves that she knows what she is doing in the bedroom as well as in the kitchen. See Michael Knight fuck up close.

Sweet Spread Sonya Norman and Jeff Lear contentedly share an apartment and mutual passion for each other. Everything is going great for them they both have happy careers and a happy love life. Meredith Worth, an old friend, drops in on Sonya one day. Sonya is not overjoyed to see her old pal. You see, Merry shared an apartment with Sonya's sister Bernice and Bernice stole Sonya's lover away. To this day, Sonya is still upset about the whole affair. Now the girls are broke and without a place to stay. Reluctantly Sonya agrees to let them crash at her place while she is on vacation with Jeff. A great Michael Knight porn movie.

The Pleasure Chest Mr. Bigť calls all the shots in this town! He has a lot of powerful friends and more then a few enemies. Are you with him, or against him? Highly recommended Michael Knight xxx clips.

World Splash Orgy 2005 How would you celebrate your 20th birthday? If you're All Worlds studios you would invite a ton of hot porn stars to a luxurious estate and you'd film the whole thing. Now that's a party! Filmed in Palm Springs with the sun beating down and temperatures soaring to 115 degrees, it was one hot sweaty day for All Worlds' 20th anniversary celebration, and every moment of the action was caught on film for your viewing pleasure. Very nice Michael Knight naked scenes.

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