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For exotic, olive skinned beauty Mikayla Mendez, the decision to become a Wicked Girl was an easy one. “I’ve worked on several Wicked movies in the past, and I’ve realized this is definitely where I want to be,” observes the sexy bilingual performer from Santa Clarita, California, whose Mexican heritage makes her the first full-fledged “Latina” Wicked Girl. “Their approach to condom use has always been appealing to me, as has the professionalism of their sets. Every time I freelanced for Wicked in the past, I could see that I was growing as an actress and a performer. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” It’s a future that sometimes feels, happily, like fate. A true child of the “818,” she was born in Burbank, and grew up just north of “porn valley.” While various speculations over her ethnicity have included everything from Middle Eastern to Armenian, she describes herself – proudly – as “100% Mexican.” She describes her home life, growing up, as “typical. A loving mom, a strict dad, a brother, and some pets.” Entering adulthood, she craved excitement and new adventures. In 2002, she began exploring the world of adult entertainment. “I was interested in exploring a new direction in my life. I like variety, and crave new things. I like exploring different scenarios.” These scenarios included performing in girl/girl scenes, which quickly became her specialty. While success and no small amount of fame came early to Mikayla, she took a hiatus (2004/2005) only to return to the business with a new enthusiasm and determination to take her career to the next level. This new attitude also included a new willingness to work with men on camera, a decision that has played no small part in taking her career to the next level.

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