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Aliases Don Hart, Don Horner, Johnny Wilson The most experienced man in porn, Mike Horner was born on February 3, 1955. Mike grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was while attending college that he got drawn into the world of hardcore films. He began by shooting shot sex loops by the hundreds often getting paid as little as $40 a scene. Eventually producers recognized his hard work and he made his feature debut in 1979. Mike is also a member of both the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame.

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Born To Run Tramps like us, baby we were born to run! Get some hot action from the other side of the tracks. This is vintage porn the way you like it. This is tons of stars and tons of hot sex. Mike Horner fucked real hard.

Debbie Duz Dishes Nina Hartley is terrific as Debbie, a horny newlywed housewife having to deal with door-to-door salesmen, bed delivery men, a horny lesbian plumber, and a monster in the attic, all while trying to get the dishes done before hubby comes home!!! See Mike Horner fucking.

Dirty Politics These big boobed beauties will stop at nothing to gain access to the inner circles of the political machine. From hot & nasty sex to media scandals, these girls will do whatever it takes to succeed. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it! Highly recommended Mike Horner xxx clips.

Dr. Jeckel And Ms. Hide Ashlyn Gere is the very famous scientist whose experiments into what stimulates the depths of human depravity unleash a monster who`s sexual longings not even she can rein in. As is true with the better-known, mainstream version, this movie takes on the now familiar theme, and this well-constructed psychological drama delves deep into the hidden recesses of the human soul. The difference here is that the uncomfortable truths mined by Ms. Hide deal with man`s repressed sexual nature, rather than his restrained violent side. The naturally busty Ms. Gere is phenomenal here, bouncing and misbehaving through scene after scene of torrid and oh-so-raw revelry with a cast of porn`s hottest male and female performers. Very nice Mike Horner naked scenes.

Grind After three years in a marriage where the missionary position is the dominant position and the cock sucking is out of the questions, Mike Horner, seeks to liberate his sexually inhibited wife, Shanna McCullough. One of the most popular Mike Horner movies.

Naughty Coed Anal Lust These are some nasty, nasty coeds doing some dirty, dirty deeds - but it's all in the name of good, clean butt-fun and that age old tradition of college anal lust! Watch Mike Horner getting fucked.

The Golden Age Of Porn: Down And Dirty Enjoy more of the busty best from Candy Samples. A true classic! See Mike Horner fuck up close.

The Howard Sperm Show Randy West portrays a thinly-veiled version of shock jock Howard Stern in this parody. The action starts when Rebecca Wild brings her hefty new boobs to the studio for an interview. Randy admires her prodigious up-top assets quite a bit, and shows her just that after the show in a scorching session. Randy’s next interview is with kung-fu filmmaker Cal Jammer, who he berates until he leaves in a huff. Not to worry, though, Cal goes home and is comforted by gal pal Courtney in another first-rate frolic. Meanwhile, Rebecca’s busy convincing producer Mike Horner to let her play ‘Lesbian Love Connection’ in the best way she knows how, sharing her bar-busting curves with him in an office-based tryst. We then watch that segment, as Rebecca lines up a date with tasty Cheyenne. They seal the deal in Mike’s office in a searing segment of pure lesbian lust. The finale finds Randy discussing upcoming shows with busty production assistant Tracey Prince. And what better way to let your employees know that you approve of their work than with a torrid little take down? While not the best Stern parody you’ll ever see, this one is chock full of nicely top-heavy women and plenty of energetic action, with Rebecca turning in an especially nice performance. A great Mike Horner porn movie.

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