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You can’t help but to think about those huge tits when you think of Misti Love. Her beautiful breasts are one of her main calling cards, especially when she oils them up and prepares for a hot and steamy tit fuck scene. The Hispanic beauty never disappoints when it’s her turn to get in front of the one eyed monster (and we don’t mean the camera). Love loves to feel a pulsating cock slide in and out of her mouth. She also likes to be gagged when she attempts to deepthroat. She has even dabbled in the fetish world starring on the box cover of the fetish hit Freakaholics 2. Hot girl/girl scenes aren’t foreign to her either, as she has appeared with big butt starlet Pinky on several occasions. Love got her claim to fame from Bang Brothers, and her frequent returns only added to her already budding popularity. Love has also appeared in movies with Lexington Steele, adding Mercenary Pictures to her impressive resume, which includes work for Evil Empire, Hustler, Black Market, and Exquisite, to name a few. She has made over 60 films in her young porn career and with her incredible energy, plans to be around a lot longer.

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Bad Boys Need Their Cocks Punished Lisa whips, clamps, smashes, stretches and slaps her slave's cock and balls before fucking his pee hole with a metal sound and gagging him while he sobs in agony. Lisa's chastity slave complains about his sexual frustrations at having his cock imprisoned, so she stimulates him with clothes pins to his balls and whips his cock as he moans in agony. A great Mistress Lisa porn movie.

Bitch Slapped And Beaten Lisa combines sexy and sadistic as she beats her slaves while they are locked in a cage, tied to the ceiling, or just kneeling at her feet. You really get to see Lisa's sadistic side as she gleefully beats her slaves with nun chucks, boxing gloves, or just kicks their balls until they are whimpering, sobbing balls of agony. XXX Mistress Lisa sex scenes.

Boy Beater Lisa loves to beat on her sissy slave! She ties him up and butt fucks his sissy ass with her strap-on. She tramples him, torments his nipples then beats his cock while she suffocates him by sitting on his face. Just for fun she strangles him with her bare hands and revives him by spitting into his gasping mouth. See Mistress Lisa fuck up close.

Boyfriends Cock Lockdown Lady Zuliya gets some help from Mistress Lisa in training her new boy toy. They tie him down and make him suck Zuliya's pussy. Next, they shave him and put a CB-6000 Chastity device on him. Afterwards they whip, beat, and kick him mercilessly while he licks Zuliya to multiple orgasms. Very nice Mistress Lisa naked scenes.

Busted And Beaten Lisa and her lover Zuliya capture a pervert who tries to sneak in to steal panties. They chain him to the floor and punish him until his screams heighten their sexual arousal for each other to new heights. They decide to keep him permanently and lock him into a cell before leaving for some quality girl time. Hot Mistress Lisa nude shots.

Forced Faggot Mistress Lisa decides to turn her slave into a cum drinking faggot. First she beats the crap out of him & handcuffs him, then violates his ass & mouth with a strap on dildo. She brings a stranger in and makes her slave suck his cock, then kneel at his feet while the stranger masturbates over his back. Lisa completes his humiliation by jacking his cock off into a wineglass & making him drink his own cum. Watch Mistress Lisa getting fucked.

Sissy Cum Junkie Mistress Lisa transforms her slave into a cum hungry sissy! She beats, butt fucks and locks him on a stockade where he's forced to stand for hours, wearing high heels and a dildo up his ass. The fun starts when three horny guys are invited to take turns getting sucked off then soak the sissy's face with their loads of cum, as Lisa bitch slaps and spits on the sissy for fun. Highly recommended Mistress Lisa xxx clips.

Slave Party Lisa goes to a party at Mistress Tara's where they both have some fun with a slave, Lisa punishes his balls while Tara uses the slave as a human ashtray. A highly watched Mistress Lisa video.

Spread That Ass Lisa shows us how she turns a slave into a strap-on slut. First she whips and uses a tazer on her slave for tightening his ass as she tries to fuck it. Afterwards he is a docile slut who begs to be fucked as she bitch slaps, whips, and beats him into submission while fucking his ass in every possible position. One of the most popular Mistress Lisa movies.

The Handmaiden's Surprise Demure and innocent-looking, Kina prepares to help Mistress Lisa dress for a shopping trip. She can't resist playing with the slinky lingerie and gets so carried away that she slips some of it on, not realizing that Mistress Lisa is watching from the doorway. Mistress Lisa pretends not to have seen but decides to use the secret information to slowly seduce her new maid, a common result of such employment. Shy Kina is mortified once Mistress tells her what she saw and can't believe the depth of her built-up passions for another woman. The experienced Mistress leads the way to a slow and passionate tryst, amazed at how willing and enthusiastic Kina becomes as she explodes with lesbian lust. Watch these two exotically gorgeous women as they slowly make love and open the doors to new found bliss. Mistress Lisa fucked real hard.

Under My Ass Lisa shows us why men make the best pets. She starts off by whipping and slapping him. After his beating she empties a can of dog food into a pot, steps in it and make him lick her boots clean. For fun she pisses in his food while he whimpers. To finish his training she sits on his face and suffocates him with plastic wrap, laughing as he struggles for air. See Mistress Lisa fucking.

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