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Born in Illinois and raised in New Jersey, the 24-year-old Misty Mundae has appeared in films since the age of 18, having begun her career with the now defunct underground film company, Factory 2000. Her natural talent soon caught the eye of ei independent film president Michael Raso, who initially approached the actress with supporting roles in several Seduction Cinema productions including the 2001 spoof Erotic Survivor. Fans immediately and overwhelmingly responded to Misty's unique combination of doe-eyed innocence and girl-next-door beauty, and it quickly lead to larger and more challenging starring roles in key productions. At last count, Misty has appeared in over 50 films of which many have gone on to become home video, cable TV, pay-per-view and international hits including Play-mate of the Apes, Gladiator Eroticvs, Lord of the G-strings and Spiderbabe. The prolific actress has also written and directed two feature films, Lustful Addiction- a remake of the 1969 Nick Phillips' classic-and the semi-autobiographical Confessions of a Natural Beauty. Currently, Misty won her school's "Best Short Film" Award. Fans can catch Misty singing and performing in the recent Seduction Cinema spoof, Sexy American Idle.

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Bikini Girls On Dinosaur Planet When a pair of time-traveling alien beauties stumble across Earth as it was one million years ago, they are confronted by a ménage-a-trois of sex-crazed cave-girls and a land populated by rumbling dinosaurs. It's not before long that the fur-clad lesbian cave-babes get down to some serious grunting and groaning and teach the curious space visitors a thing or two about juicy Jurassic love Misty Mundae fucked real hard.

Flesh For Olivia Olivia (Misty Mundae) finds herself in a very dark and threatening place. Under the control of a sleazy, violent and voyeuristic pimp named Claudio, Olivia spends her time seducing willing young women in front of him and his camera. Melody (A.J. Khan) is one such "victim," who gladly gives in to Olivia's breathtaking advances and exquisite young body. But things get out of hand when the luxurious lesbian eroticism suddenly turns kinky and dangerous. And after Melody disappears, her roommate Alice (Julian Wells) may become the next innocent beauty to experience the pleasure and pain of Olivia's devastating allure. Very nice Misty Mundae naked scenes.

Hott Clips Seduction Cinema Studios and its harem of signature sexy stars continue to arouse and entertain connoisseurs of soft-core cinema with a one-of-a-kind blend of unabashed lesbian eroticism and hilarious comic invention. Renowned worldwide for a line-up of films that ranges from cult classic spoofs (Play-mate of the Apes, Lord of The G-String) to smoldering sexploitation (Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde, Roxanna), Seduction Cinema has seasoned an often lackluster genre with bold new spices and the resulting recipe of carnal delights served up hot to a contemporary audience eager for the taste. Hot Misty Mundae nude shots.

Lust In The Mummy's Tomb Delectable nymph and university student Misty Mundae is on holiday at her father's estate. Following a sensual and luxurious morning shower, Misty makes a shocking discovery. There, in a secret study, is the remains of the mummy I-Hop-Shank, recently stolen from the City Museum. Unable to curb her naughty girlish curiosity, Misty begins caressing the ages-dead mummy hoping that her young and lustful vigor will bring it back to life. Soon Misty is aroused to the breaking point, but she cannot believe her eyes when I-Hop-Shank awakens, drawing his first breath in millennia. Revived by the virginal, pleasure-flushed beauty before him, the mummy musters his strength and lumbers after Misty. He must have her! Barely escaping his clumsy advances, Misty learns that the study also hides a voluptuous Egyptian princess - 100% alive and 110% in need of Misty's scrumptious body. Always wanting to study Ancient Civilizations in a more intimate and hands-on way, Misty "jumps" at the opportunity¶and female eroticism has never been explored so thoroughly. One of the most popular Misty Mundae movies.

Misty's Secret Sought after as one of Misty Mundae's most sensuous films is MISTY'S SECRET, an early Mundae work shot in Paris and New York. See Misty Mundae fucking.

Night Of The Groping Dead Get ready for a hot, hair-raising, Misty Mundae adventure in the Night of the Groping Dead. This eagerly anticipated film will make you stay up all night. Highly recommended Misty Mundae xxx clips.

Silk Stocking Strangler Sweet young Jackie (Katie Jordon) was looking for an outlet for her surging lesbian desires and a way out of her oppressive home life when she moved in with the free-spirited and hot-tongued Olivia (Misty Mundae). For Jackie, Olivia was a promise of independence, naughtiness, and around-the-clock satisfaction. But lust and eroticism quickly become betrayal when this sex-crazed lesbian couple faces eviction from their apartment. To take the landlord's mind off rent money, Olivia engages the na√Įve Jackie in a kinky sexual game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, putting her taut, girlish body and her life in grave danger. As the landlord's fantasies become more bizarre, Jackie begins to fear for their lives. Olivia tries to convince her gullible young lover that there is nothing to fear, yet she cannot possibly imagine the acts of depravity and sadism that truly lurk behind the peeping eyes of the landlord ... and what he has in store for them. XXX Misty Mundae sex scenes.

The Erotic Diary Of Misty Mundae Experience a day in the life of Misty Mundae! See Misty Mundae fuck up close.

The Girl Who Shagged Me When the fate of the world hangs by a thread, you better believe that Super-Secret Agent .0069 is on the job and ready for a sexy, outrageous, pulse-pounding adventure. Watch Misty Mundae getting fucked.

The Seduction Of Misty Mundae A summer of pleasure and discovery awaits Misty Mundae, who is 18 years old and innocent...until now. Aunt Inga (Julian Wells) resides in the lush countryside, and it is there that Misty will spend the next few months, exploring the awakening desires within her. She loses her virginity to the handsome boy next door, but this is only the beginning, as Misty's appetite for sexual awakening knows no limits. Experienced and sensual Inga understands, and soon shares her appreciation for the delights of female companionship with her young protégé. It remains to be seen how far Misty will take her sexual explorations, but the journey is certain to be sweet. A highly watched Misty Mundae video.

The Vibrating Maid Seduction Cinema star Misty Mundae (Gladiator Eroticvs, Erotic Survivor) will make you blush in this never-before-seen featurette, The Vibrating Maid. Misty plays a college student on holiday at her Daddy's estate, and she is about to get more of an education than any school can provide when she discovers one of her Daddy's voluptuous maids pleasuring herself in a closet. Misty demands that the maid teach her the techniques of "going solo," or she will tell Daddy, resulting in the maid's expulsion. This Bonus Featurette was produced specifically for this collector's edition VHS and was produced by Seduction Cinema's Michael Beckerman. A great Misty Mundae porn movie.

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