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There's a HOT new rising star in XXX films!! Nikki Lynn is a petite, power-packed package - five feet one inch tall, and 102 pounds of pure sex and uninhibited playfulness. Although she's only been making films for less than a year, Nikki is a well-known professional in the adult entertainment field. She got started doing magazine layouts and now has over 30 cover/centerfolds to her credit. Nikki's first love has always been dancing. (She started when she was two years old.) She added in nine years of gymnastics and built a career as a feature dancer that kept her on the road for 37 weeks last year! Live or on film, Nikki moves like hot oil - smooth, graceful and sizzling. Her long, tawny hair and haunting hazel eyes give her an unresistable animal magnetism. Nikki is one of a kind sweet, smart and sexy! She really enjoys what she does, and it shows. She's well-liked in the business and adored by her fans. (She loves them right back and always enjoys meeting them.) She has lots of good things to say about her triple-X co-workers and other industry people. Nikki's goals for this next year are to make only high quality films. She's more concerned with doing first-class films than cranking out movies in quantity. She wants to continue on the dance circuit where she gets the chance to tell her fans how much she appreciates them. Nikki Lynn didn't set out to become a porn princess, but she feels that for right now she's exactly where and what she's supposed to be, and that's good news for adult videophiles everywhere. c/o WickedPictures

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Babe Watch 7 America's favorite wet and wild beach babes are back as buck "Typhoon" Adams and Sin City presents the hottest sex on the beach series in adult film history "Babewatch 7." Featuring the worlds most beautiful beach nymph's tearing up the California coastline like sex starved she-devils in their quest for sun, sex and surfer boy. Especially the one's with big hot woody's. Babewatch 7 features red headed heartthrob "Nikki Lynn" as a new recruit with a voracious appetite for sin and newcomer Leanna Hart as the object of everybody's desire and eight other new and naughty red-suited nymphet's. It's gonna be a long hot summer. Hot Nikki Lynn nude shots.

Boob Watch 3 Take six hot, wet, sun-soaked beach bunnies with a naughty hunger for wet & wild skin divers, toss in a liberal amount of mouth-to-pussy resuscitation, dribble in a mouthful of love-juice, bend over & shake it till your brain freezes, and you have a concoction worthy of a Melon maniac's wettest dream¦Boobwatch 3. This movie is packed with loads of hardcore action. A great Nikki Lynn porn movie.

Brat Pack Naughty Girls are brats and Nikki Lynn is the brattiest loose chick around! Watch Nikki Lynn getting fucked.

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Innocence Lost Whatever happened to the girl next door? Well, she grew up! Fresh off the bus and looking for the good life, welcome to L.A. Land of milk, honey, and easy money, If you don't mind trading morality for a taste of reality. Sin City's Nikki Lynn shows you what living large means as she gives the world's oldest profession a well-deserved kick in the ass! Corruption never looked so good so show me the money honey! See Nikki Lynn fuck up close.

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Porno Chick Cherry Lynn is the typical porn chick. She stays out all night. She parties too hard. She tries way too much drugs and alcohol. She has plenty of loser boyfriends. She doesn't show up on her video shoots or publicity appearances. Just another typical porno babe. The type that will pass out in the makeup chair. But this time she may have gone to far. Highly recommended Nikki Lynn xxx clips.

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Spinners 3 It's spinning time again. For those of you who aren't familiar with the ancient art, a quick refresher. While in the act of fornication take on small but beautifully proportioned wench and spin her on your... well, you get the idea. Director Alex Spinmaster Sanders has come up with a truly stunning cast of little lovelies who'll do anything to be spun including D.P's girl-girl and lots of gooey facials. So watch Spinners 3 It's the nastiest by far. Nikki Lynn fucked real hard.

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