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Aliases Jane Davil, Vera Butler, Feline, Jane Deville, Jane Daville, Jane Daniels Nina De Ponca began her career in 1986 as a nude model for top black men’s magazines like Players. However the allure of more money made her make the jump into adult movies. A very hard worker she has over 200 features to her credit, starring in most of the top-quality black or interracially themed flicks of the late 80’s early 90’s.

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Back Door Brides 3 They're back! The gang that exposed the dark side of the wedding, the bottom of the brides now is here to show you how to acheive an open marriage. The director of Honeymoon Ranch, Mr. Thaddeus (Robert Bullock) has assembled another fine staff (Nina Hartley, Ray Victory, Nina de Ponca) to instruct the students in the analmentary art of backdoor sex. After a year of marriage, Stan (Frank James) and Sally (Dana Lynn) have drifted away from the romantic backside adventures that made their marriage so exciting. Their sexually liberated new neighbors (Peter North and Tiffanie Storm) express the same problems. The solution, obvious, a trip to Honeymoon Ranch for a "rear refresher" course! Times have changed yet the crack staff at the Ranch will still take "butts" for an answer. It's fun, it's exciting, it's all the way in, in Backdoor Brides #3. Highly recommended Nina DePonca xxx clips.

Busted Get ready for Trash-TV at its trashiest! Lusty Linda is your horny hostess for an outrageous program called "Sex Search." Every night the roaming "sexposure camera" reveals the secret sex lives of celebrities. After every outrageous moment is captured on tape, baby, they're Busted! Like the country-western singer who gives his maid a hot horsey ride... or the delicious double cross between superstar actor Troy Nova and his gluttonous ex-wife. Rock star Melissa gets more than a tune-up when she shifts her mechanic's gear box and pornlet Desiree's secret lesbian desires are laid bare! What a show! It may be closer to reality than we think! Nina DePonca fucked real hard.

Dance Fire Yes! it's an '80s Movie! Big hair and big tits, and me dancing! And I've got a mullet. It's a shot-on-video feature, without a film look. But if you can get past the dated technology and fashion, and especially if you close your eyes when I start dancing, this movie may have something to offer. It was my effort to create the best movie I could as the premiere release of my own manufacturing company, Evil Angel.(Dance Fire was released 8 months before I came up with the Buttman idea.) A great Nina DePonca porn movie.

Hairy Hookers 5 If you are looking for a date with a hairy beaver and you are willing to pay for the privilege of chowing down on some sweet hair pie, then these ladies of the evening are just the gals for you! Watch Nina DePonca getting fucked.

Kinky Vision 2 Nina Hartley is just the girl I'd want to see coming up my walk to service my live cable! In Kinky Vision Part 2, Nina gets her hands on a lot of cable and input jacks as she erotically installs her way across "F TV's video girls!" She's offering everything from raw talent to adult toys and putting out every effort to please all of her customers! XXX Nina DePonca sex scenes.

Mature Hairy Gang 2 These mature ladies have never owned a razor. The natural look does them just fine. They can fuck and suck with the best of them and never have to shave. Hot Nina DePonca nude shots.

Nikki And The Pom Pom Girls They're young, tight, firm and crave only one thing; sex with anyone! Reaching new heights, these beautiful babes show the tricks using every sexual idea they have. The hardcore action is fast and furious when the Pom Pom girls take the field. Very nice Nina DePonca naked scenes.

Precious Gems The hot action gets off to a furious pace when Randy West checks into his condo to find the maid (Nina DePonca) cleaning up. He helps her make the bed while she makes him. Meanwhile Robert Bullock waits outside the room, hoping to get his bed made, too. See Nina DePonca fuck up close.

Smooth As Silk Smooth As Silk is just what you're looking for, silky smooth, shaved, tight pussy. These hot, smoothly shaven beauties show you what they've got! They put their silky smooth pussies to good use in hot hardcore scenes! From hardcore fucking, to lesbian action, to hot threesomes, and even double penetration. This movie's got more shaved pussy then you can shake a dick at! A highly watched Nina DePonca video.

Swedish Erotica 22 Rebecca Wild is one hot slut! Watch over four hours of hot footage from the glory days of porn featuring Rebecca, Alex Dane, Randy West, Brandi Wine, and more! Swedish Erotica 22 has more then fifty of the hottest, horniest, ad raunchiest X-Rated superstars of all time! Enjoy! One of the most popular Nina DePonca movies.

The Best Of Doctor Butts While we are pondering, whatever happened to Nina DePonca and Barbi? We can look back on some of their best work. This is a variety packed film with scenes form shows you may not have ever seen. This is a collection of scenes that many of the fan letter have requested to see within the frames of an anal compilation! Enjoy! See Nina DePonca fucking.

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