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Aliases Jamela, Jamila, Linda Thompson Purple Passion got her start in men’s magazines before crossing over to adult films. A dedicated performer, Purple Passion has been steaming up screens since the mid-80’s. She made her first appearance in a series of low-budget black and interracial videos in 1985. She quickly made a name for herself as one of the most dependable black performers in the business. She left the scene in 1990 only to make a brief return in 95. As of late 95, Purple Passion quit the business altogether leaving behind over fifty films for fans of beautiful black women to enjoy.

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Black Magic Interracial action at it's best with huge black guys servicing white women and hot black mamas giving up that special chocolate lovin to eager white guys. Love and lust know no boundaries as horniess rules and everybody comes! A great Purple Passion porn movie.

Black Throat Deep Throating With an Ethnic Flavor! Never before in the annals of adult cinema has there ever been a spectacle like Black Throat. Join Roscoe, the unemployed garbage man; Jamal, the world-famous hustler; and Mr. Bob, the rubber rat, as they embark on a bone-stiffening quest for Madam Mambo's House of Divine Inspiration Through Fellatio. Combing the various rooms of a New Wave tenement, our trip discovers one pleasure after another; whipped-cream three-way, an oil-slicked double penetration, a buxom dominatrix and her rebellious slave, an interracial group grope...but not a sign of Madam Mambo. Then, when it seems that all is lost, Roscoe hears the distant beat of voodoo drums...coming from his room! Rushing back, they find Roscoe's apartment transformed into a strange voodoo temple. Could this be the Black Magic of Madame Mambo? A no-holes barred orgy proves so, as Madame Mambo herself initiates Roscoe to the thrilling secret behind Black Throat. Highly recommended Purple Passion xxx clips.

Blackman Clarissa, Pepper, and Nicole have been taken by Poker and shackled to a wall. Will anyone save them? You bet! Enter BLACKMAN to the rescue! He's blacker than night and longer than day. He convinces Poker of the error of his ways, and speeds off into the sunset in his BlackMobile. See Purple Passion fuck up close.

Blacks Next Door They add new meaning to the GOOD NEIGHBOR policy. This is the video that lays it on the line - the color line - and boldly shows what everybody ( deep down ) really knows: Blacks can be the hottest and wildest assets to bring new sass, spice and spirit to a strictly white neighborhood. At first the white couple, Frank and Liz, try to make their black neighbors, Victor and Passion, Leave by various tricks: one of them being a black hooker to seduce Victor and break up their marriage. But they try to scare them off by dressing up as ghosts in white sheets. But they're all soon balling among the sheets in a hot orgy action! Very nice Purple Passion naked scenes.

Caddy Shack Up Golf was never this much sexy fun. Cum join in the game at the Burning Bush Golf Club where the caddies are the cutest, most curvaceous, and voracious club handlers you ever played with on the putting green. There's Stephanie, who swings both ways to even the score, and money hungry Kathy who plays the field to win herself a big and rich member, and horny Jo Anne who makes sure that every player with a 9-inch club makes it a hole in one. With caddies like this, and a group of horny hung studs ready for their putting lessons, you're in for the wildest, sexiest, and most arousing viewing experience. Purple Passion fucked real hard.

Chocolate Cherries 2 It's Afro erotica at its best! From the great art film auteurs at Hole In One look out Bertolucci. Forget about it Coppola this is the ultimate essay on black sexuality hot steamy wild. Say is that a bone in your nose or are you just happy to see me? XXX Purple Passion sex scenes.

Chocolate Kisses A pair of streetwise hookers, (Jeannie Pepper & Purple Passion), help a struggling candy company cum out on top by using their unique talents and educated pussies to put the taste of Chocolate Kisses on everyone's lips and leave them craving more of the sweet sticky treat. We are all pink on the inside! A highly watched Purple Passion video.

Ebony Dreams Your Ebony Dreams will come true in this torrid fantasy starring all the top black actresses in erotica today! Soul sisters Jeannie Pepper and Angel Kelly give Ron Jeremy a blacklode of sticky delights while Purple Passion struts her stuff with a horny businessman. Sizzling Sahara has two hot encounters - one with a quarterback stud and another, Billy Dee drowns in an intoxicating passion of gorgeous Shari Stewart. Plus there's many more sordid sephia Shenanigans in this carnal confection of delicious chocolate delights. One of the most popular Purple Passion movies.

Erica Boyer Non Stop We've unleashed the ultimate slut goddess of erotica in all her undaunted, unbridled passion for you Erica Boyer. NO other XXX actress has, for the last decade, soaked our shorts more with her riveting sex-hungry performances. Here we present Erica along with her mighty co-stars in 90 explosive minutes that will have you mesmerized by the one woman that all XXX starlets are copied from Erica Boyer! Her name means SEX! Hot Purple Passion nude shots.

Once Upon A Time Once upon a time there was this girl, a beautiful redhead with an angelic face and a body that would drive men mad with lust. Her name was Tabbetha. But she was bad. Very bad. She had this craving for sex. It was so intense that it became an obsession. And it forced her to commit erotic acts so bizarre and depraved someone decided to put them into a book. It's not a very pretty story. But it is nasty. Remember, if you liked the book, you'll love the movie. And believe her, you'll really love this movie! Watch Purple Passion getting fucked.

Sweet Chocolate Take a taste of these Dark & Delicious Delights! See Purple Passion fucking.

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