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In the gay adult industry there are tops, bottoms and those lucky enough to master both. Rafael Nunes is one of the lucky ones. His hunger for fucking has no limits; from gay films to Shemale features he’s done it all. It’s easy to see why Rafael is one of Brazil’s most sought after performers. His muscular physique and above average cock size are a big factor in his success but it’s the way he puts those tools to work that really make you take notice. Rafael has sizzled on several films including Battle of the Bulges, Brazilian Beach Boys and A Brazilian Legend. His most recent features have him working for talented director Pietro. Considered some of his best work by many, Steel Valley Studs and Rio on the Rock for Pau Brasil studios solidify him as a force to be reckoned with in the international gay porn industry.

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A Brazilian Legend Pau Brazilian spotlights one it's countries greatest treasures, their men! & it's a land where all the men are legends when it comes to making love or just plain all out raw, passionate sex. These hung studs are on top of the world- and each other when it comes to letting lose in sexy situations. By the shores of the Atlantic, or under the starry nights south of the equator, these men are sure to heat up your screen & make you buy a one-way ticket to Brazil! One of the most popular Rafael Nunes movies.

Battle Of The Bulges "Battle of the Bulges" features swarthy young Brazilian soldiers fucking in their native land and in their native tongue. The sexy sounds of their Brazilian dialect (presented with minimal subtitled text), and some interesting nature and wildlife footage adds exotic appeal to this entry from South American director, Pietro. If you're hooked on Brazilian meat, then you're sure to dig the hot parts of "Battle of the Bulges." There are perhaps too many long close-ups, and the technical aspects are mediocre at best (not to mention the acting), but the dark meat is big and solid! See Rafael Nunes fucking.

Brazilian Beach Boys Pau Productions of Brazil brings more of these sexy, steamy, beautiful young men who let loose on the stunning beaches of Rio. The video starts off with RAFAEL and ROBSON lounging on the veranda of a beach house. Rafael Nunes fucked real hard.

Dicktronic It's the Brazilian secret! Sales rise when horny guys give glowing testimonials on a last night infomercial about their improved sex lives from the use of a simple electronic exercise belt! You've got to see this! A great Rafael Nunes porn movie.

Getting Off Base

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Madison Ave. Machismo Get ready to experience some Madison Ave Machismo! Hot Latin studs with fat Latin cocks and beefy bodies! Meaty man hunks making love all night! Watch Rafael Nunes getting fucked.

Recrutas Fora Da Base Uncle Dick Wants You! That's right, it's recruiting season again - and if you want to prove your mettle you'd better be ready to take it. Witness the transformation of these recruits from soft, supple boys to rock solid men, all with a little training from the grizzled "drilling" seargent. Life on the military base has never been this much fun. With scenes in the barracks, at a military magazine photoshoot, and in and around the munitions room there's plenty of tours of duty to keep you occupied. See Rafael Nunes fuck up close.

Rio On The Rock Rio is a classic place for hot bodies and lusty men. Watch Rio on the Rock and you will see the true meaning of Rio night life. Hot bodies and hot cocks heating up the night! Very nice Rafael Nunes naked scenes.

She-Male Supermodel Alexia The sleeve job is back! Learning the ropes! Hot Rafael Nunes nude shots.

Steel Valley Studs They are young and always horny and they will show you superb performance. There are tops and there are bottoms...and then there are those who are masters of both! A highly watched Rafael Nunes video.

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