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Aliases Christina Cruise, Rebecca Wilde Porn Star Rebecca Wild, with outrageous sex scenes that surpass any expectations left by her name, is widely considered to be one of the hottest Porn Starlets of the 1990’s. With blonde hair and a very voluptuous chest, this hottie takes her fans back to a much earlier era. Her career in adult entertainment began in the strip clubs of Ohio, New York, and South Carolina. Even now when she’s not starring in the spicy sex scenes with both men and women she’s known for, she is on the road touring as one of the most popular feature strippers in the country. She began XXX in the early 1990’s, taking a brief hiatus in 1993 when she was married in Las Vegas to Rob King. They were divorced in 1996 however, and since then she has been back in action, steaming up every stage and screen she comes across. Rebecca Wild, as her name implies, simply loves sex in all its forms, and she can always be counted on for a high energy, over the top performance

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Babewatch: Lifeguard On Duty The water's safe here as long as these slutty lifeguards are craving the dick. Cum and witness hardcore fucking at its best as these horny life savers perform CPR on some lucky dude's cock. Its 120 minutes of balls deep action as these sexy young thangs strip their bathing suits and get grounded and pounded. It's Babewatch, and these girls of summer are ready to fuck! Watch Rebecca Wild getting fucked.

Beach Ball Sin City and Henry "Big Kahuna" Spencer present a retro-sexual look at those purple haze days when being cool was a way of life and getting' laid was easy. All it took was a smooth rap, a hip look and a pair of concert tickets could make most any chick fall to her knees and worship "El Choad"... Ya, those were the daze, hangin' at the Love Shack with the local perverts, surfin' all day, bangin' all night, coppin' a feel, makin' em squeal, boners, moaners, hangin' 10 and doin' it again. XXX Rebecca Wild sex scenes.

Between The Cheeks 3 VCA Pictures brings you their must-have classics for the first time ever on DVD. A special edition for the true collector! The dirtiest and craziest Greg Dark feature yet! Includes DPs, 3-ways, facials, ass-eating, tons of anal, anal beads and dildos, girl-on-girl, and toe sucking! See Rebecca Wild fucking.

Creme Rinse Welcome to the world of curls, dos and twists...with a splash on top. It's all the rage! A great Rebecca Wild porn movie.

Oh Those...Lovin' Spoonfuls The Best Of Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 22 Here we go with the "Best Of" Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes! Enjoy moments with Sunset Thomas, Rebecca Wilde, and the "Blonde Ambition" Girls of Deep Inside #7. Sunset romps it up with Zack, Randy and lucky 'ol me. One of the most popular Rebecca Wild movies.

Porn Star Legends: Rebecca Wild Rebecca Wild's brassy blonde good looks and top heavy build harkens back to an earlier age. Her always over-the-top sexual performances can be counted on to liven up any film she appears in. Whether paired with men or women, Rebecca loves sex in all its forms and gives her all with lusty gusto. Very nice Rebecca Wild naked scenes.

Size Matters Warning: DO NOT watch this movie with your girlfriend if you have her believing that four inches is huge. Why? Because the guys in this movie have cocks that are as big as your forearm! No matter what anyone says, always remember... Size Matters! Hot Rebecca Wild nude shots.

The 3 Muskatits Three college beauties reveal their secret fantasies going back to the days of the Three Muskateers in Stuart Canterbury's all star salute to the days of Yore... Yore zipper that is! A highly watched Rebecca Wild video.

The Golden Age Of Porn: Rebecca Wild Considered to be one of the hottest 90's porn queens and known for her all gusto, this top heavy, busty, brassy blonde never disappointed! See Rebecca Wild fuck up close.

The Howard Sperm Show Randy West portrays a thinly-veiled version of shock jock Howard Stern in this parody. The action starts when Rebecca Wild brings her hefty new boobs to the studio for an interview. Randy admires her prodigious up-top assets quite a bit, and shows her just that after the show in a scorching session. Randy’s next interview is with kung-fu filmmaker Cal Jammer, who he berates until he leaves in a huff. Not to worry, though, Cal goes home and is comforted by gal pal Courtney in another first-rate frolic. Meanwhile, Rebecca’s busy convincing producer Mike Horner to let her play ‘Lesbian Love Connection’ in the best way she knows how, sharing her bar-busting curves with him in an office-based tryst. We then watch that segment, as Rebecca lines up a date with tasty Cheyenne. They seal the deal in Mike’s office in a searing segment of pure lesbian lust. The finale finds Randy discussing upcoming shows with busty production assistant Tracey Prince. And what better way to let your employees know that you approve of their work than with a torrid little take down? While not the best Stern parody you’ll ever see, this one is chock full of nicely top-heavy women and plenty of energetic action, with Rebecca turning in an especially nice performance. Highly recommended Rebecca Wild xxx clips.

The Violation Of Felecia Rumor has it that in the warehouse district of Los Angeles a wild gang of Lesbians roam the streets looking for fresh meat. This time Felecia falls victim to their diabolical scheme. Watch as they go to work filling every hole of Felecia's beautiful body. See Felecia become transformed into an insatiable, raging lesbian slut. Hear the screams of ecstasy as the girls violate Felecia's very soul. Rebecca Wild fucked real hard.

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