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Aliases Robin Byrd 1970’s Porn Star Robyn Bird truly was a staple in the industry during its earlier years. Her endless appetite for sexual adventure landed her starring roles in some of the earliest classics, for example Debbie Does Dallas, Bad Penny, and Pink Ladies. She saw porn through all the way into the 1980’s, making an occasional appearance here and there after her carnal career had officially ended. Robyn Byrd truly did shine in front of the camera, and any one of her movies will attest to the fact that Starlets back then were just as hot and ferocious as they are today.

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Bad Penny Samantha Fox has troubles galore when in order to inherit a sizable fortune, she must solve a riddle her father left for her. The riddle is What is French, turns on at night and gives good crown? Samantha is gorgeous but not especially bright, and to solve the riddle is going to take all of the brain waves she can muster. Making things even harder is her nasty aunt Celeste, who will get the money if Samantha can't solve the riddle. When Samantha hears that her uncle in New York might be able to help, she goes of to find him and ends up undertaking an odyssey through a plush Big Apple swingers club. An amusing, very arousing adult comedy. Robyn Byrd fucked real hard.

Beyond The Blue A sexy tale of a crooked politician and the characters who surround his political arena of sex. Some very intense erotic scenarios highlight this hot, progressive adult presentation... Hot Robyn Byrd nude shots.

Debbie Does Dallas The classic has been improved...We have added a sizzling scene to the classic Debbie Movie by none other than the new queen of porn, Debi Diamond. Enjoy the update! See Robyn Byrd fucking.

Debbie Does Dallas It's been copied, serialized and consistently remade. But the original Debbie Does Dallas has certainly never been equaled. This classic of adult cinema remains a bestseller decades after it's original release in 1978. One of the most popular Robyn Byrd movies.

Hot Honey Honey (Heather Young) has been going steady with Johnny (Jack Hammer) for 4 months, but she won't "put out" and she gets angry when he asks her for more than kissing. She finally walks out on him. She's been living with her brother Michael (Jamie Gillis), who has been in a car accident and can't walk. Returning home, she watches his nurse, Serena, pick him out of the wheelchair, put him in bed, and go to work on him. Seeing her watching, Serena calls for sisterly help, and soon Honey is learning what sex is all about. She returns to a surprised Johnny and shows him what she has learned. Hot Honey: Very nice Robyn Byrd naked scenes.

Last Sex Act A horny and surprisingly virile senior citizen hires a private eye to investigate his heirs and in the process, uncovers the seedier side of the city! He discovers wanton sexual situations in virtually every corner of the city - and unleashes his own sexual ferocity. A terrific story with some campy performances indeed! Watch Robyn Byrd getting fucked.

Nasty Nurses With treatment this good who wants to get better! A highly watched Robyn Byrd video.

Silky "Silky" is never-ending wall to wall, Pulse-pounding erotic entertainment. Something for everyone! The Kinkiest Sex Affair in high society. You'll love it. XXX Robyn Byrd sex scenes.

That Lucky Stiff That Lucky Stiff is the wild and wacky story of Burt Taylor and his rags to riches climb from New York elevator operator to European high roller. A bank computer error turns Burt's $300 account into $300,000,000. Follow our hero on a hilarious sexual odyssey through the most exciting cities and hottest beds in Europe. A great Robyn Byrd porn movie.

The Pink Ladies This wild romp is about the sexcapades of four suburban housewives. Kay, the leader of the group, is a classic over-achiever who always complains about the fuck-up, Leslie, who shuffles through life with very few positive traits. Kay winds up kicking Leslie out of the group. Leslie, looking for revenge, seduces all the husbands into a grand orgy and cleverly maneuvers the wives to catch their husbands erotically entwined with her. See Robyn Byrd fuck up close.

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