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Aliases Saber Love, Rebecca Saber, Sabre We have Paul Norman to thank for bringing sizzling hot model and Porn Star Saber into the XXX scene. Introduced to her by his girlfriend at the time, Paul Norman took one look at razor sharp Saber and signed her on instantly. She debuted in 1989 in Joined, reappearing soon after in the sequel Separated. Also especially hot in Paul Norman’s girl/girl trilogy, she spices up Lace, Leather, and Leather and Lace unlike no one else. Saber refuses to work with men on screen, but her fans are not disappointed. Her outrageous passion and steaming hot sexuality have continued to make her one of the hottest and most wanted girls-only performers in the industry.

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Big Boob Tease Suzie Boobies strips and frolics nude for you as the Napali cameras move in for the most tantalizing close ups! You'll be drooling as we watch the titillating antics of all these magnificent big busted beauties who tease to please! This is your very own Busty Harem', so watch and enjoy them whenever you desire! Also featured are megabust supertarlets Stephanie Rage, Taylor Wayne, DeeDee, Laurie Censation and Sabre. Highly recommended Saber xxx clips.

Catalina Leathermen 3 Anthony Gallo and Beau Lyons are joined by Steve Rambo and Joe Gallagher. Steve and Joe have fun with some dildos, then Anthony takes turns fucking all three of them. Watch Saber getting fucked.

Down Home Out in the country, down on the farm, a group of good ol' boys gladly bring it Down Home. This is a down and dirty fuckfest featuring superhung megastar Kris, all-American Jeff, and a cast of the most wholesomely sexy men you'll ever see. See Saber fucking.

Frat House Hot guys from the frat house are ready to relax and be let out on the loose! Would you like to join this Fraternity? A great Saber porn movie.

Idol Universe Universe" takes us into a day (or is that a night) in the life of "Idol's Place," and its hunky owner. Our story (?) begins with Tony closing up shop, keeping tabs on kitchen supervisor Sergio Banderas, as he rides hard on the kitchen help, to get them to wrap up closing so they can all go home. A highly watched Saber video.

On The Lookout Danny Somers spies hot action with Jeff Hammond, Chip Daniels, Tom Farrell, Joshua Scott, Marc Saber, Rob Decker, Bill Carson and Johnny Rahm. One of the most popular Saber movies.

Overload: Director's Cut It's the hottest club in town. Craig, Al, Ray and Chip are just a few of the sexy studs who will gladly give you a tour of the night spot everyone is talking about. Orgies abound, with lots of oral sex, foreskin play, hot anal sex, rimming, butt play, dildos and double anal penetrations. Very nice Saber naked scenes.

Powertool 2: Breaking Out Man of the Year, Lex Baldwin, along with a superstar cast of the hottest all-male-action leading men ever assembled for a single video. See them in hard pounding butt-busting lust behind bars. See Saber fuck up close.

Ravaged When a girl gets what she wants, she's usually happy. Whenever this girl got what she wanted, she was usually ravaged! XXX Saber sex scenes.

Sex, Guys, And Videotape Bulging muscles glistening with sweat...a huge, thick cock being pumped--growing larger and stiffer with each stroke...a rock solid ass being primed--ready for that big dick to fuck it raw...the touch of leather gloves caressing a smooth tanned torso...the sting of those gloves as they come down hard on that firm pale butt writhing in ecstasy...the smell of leather, its taste familiar and arousing caress, exciting that warm hole--it needs to be filled...the taste of a jockstrap, dreaming of the stiff contents--bulging out from hot aching thickness...MEN...taking it to the limit as they shove their huge stiff cocks into tight assholes, opening them up--wider and deeper....filling them with their intensity...thrust after thrust, slow then faster and more urgent....pools of hot pearly satisfaction traversing rippled stomachs, streams of slick exuberance arching out of giant stiff dicks...muscular bodies heaving from the release...then collapsing in unburdened satisfaction. Saber fucked real hard.

Young And Notorious Detective Marc Saber interrogates Karl Thomas about the hustlers who live with him. Can he get the truth out if him? Hot Saber nude shots.

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