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Tattoos left breast & right breast Piercing clithood & tongue Aliases Sabrina Jayde Hitting the XXX scene just barely after her 18th birthday in 2000, Porn Star Sabrina Jade has already made quite a name for herself. She is most well known for her vulgar, nasty talk during hot, raunchy sex scenes. Her Mexican and French heritage give her an exotic, outwardly innocent appearance, and her youthful, natural curves make her to die for exterior all the more alluring. Her tattoos and piercings point out her wild side though, and she takes it to the extreme on screen. You can catch her when she was just starting out in Dirty Debutantes #139 and Filthy First Timers #19, but she gets down and dirty a little later on in Please #10 and Lustwoman #02. Never failing to show off her carnal skills, Sabrina Jade can always be counted on for a scintillating session on screen.

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