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AKA Sammy Sin, This 23yr old Arizona native has a facial bone structure that most models would die for and a body that is the envy of all women everywhere. Her ass is definitely one of her best attributes, which is why it is highlighted in all of her 43 movies. Even though she has only been in the industry for 3 years, she is regarded as one of the brightest new stars that is up and coming. Check out some of her hottest scenes in “Secretary’s Day,” in which she gets doubled teamed on someone’s desk, and “Face Full of Diesel 4 P.O.V.” where she tries to stuff a monster cock down her throat. Join the club and make Samantha Sin one of your favorites.

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It's Big It's Black It's Jack 10 The biggest innovation here is Jack's decision to feature two girls in every scene, and it's a casting choice that's sure to please even the most demanding interracial fan. Whether you're into teens, Asians, blondes, brunettes, redheads, big boobs or cougars, you're sure to find a three-way scenario here that fits your fetish like a hand in a velvet glove. Whatever you want...he's got. Watch Samantha Sin getting fucked.

Kick Ass Chicks 78: Feminized If men really wanted to be men, they'd all be hanging out in bowling alleys, smoking cigars, rolling their balls and cussing up a storm. Have you seen the state of the bowling industry these days? Our point exactly. On the other hand, the sex toy industry can't keep enough strap-ons in stock. The why's of that are pretty obvious when you check out the cover of this movie. Women are assuming the dominant role of the household, and former men are making platinum blonde wigs the fashion statement of the year. See for yourself. Not a bowling ball in sight. One of the most popular Samantha Sin movies.

Kick Ass Chicks 80: Samantha Sin What a cute little pair of snuggle puppies Samantha Sin has. But proof that perky tits and a cute face alone don't make the woman, Samantha takes us on an unyielding sexual odyssey that will have you talking to yourself by the end of this. You wouldn't know it looking at her, but once Sam wraps those petite hands around your nuts, it's like a machinist's vice fastening on a walnut. You'll be hearing blood roaring in your ears as stars dance behind your eyes. At least that's what it would be like if you were having sex with her. A great Samantha Sin porn movie.

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