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Aliases Sana Fay, Santa Fey Born in sunny California, the fiery red-headed Porn Starlett Sana Fey is also one of the most popular, hottest feature strippers in the country. Sana Fey, although she describes herself as a true tomboy at heart, has been dancing since the young age of 3 when she first took up ballet. After graduating college, she worked as an aerobics instructor as well as a personal trainer. Her career in adult entertainment however began in a sort of desperation, as she found herself strapped for cash and decided to try her luck at the strip clubs in California. She was a sizzling success, to say the least, and soon found herself in LA shooting pictures for top modeling agents. Her career took off instantly, and today she spends most of her time dancing and shooting hot, steamy sex videos for her adoring fans. She also currently runs her own bachelor party service, Sana Fey’s Centerfolds. Her future plans include returning to college, as she did graduate from high school with a 4.0, and studying photography. Although once very shy and unsure of both her looks and her talent, Sana Fey has come a long way. Fortunately for her fans, her future plans consist of going further and further.

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