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Seka was born April 15, 1954 in Virginia. She won many beauty pageants as a teenager. While working in an adult bookstore in the 1970’s, there were complaints that she was more attractive than the models that were featured in the material she was selling to customers, so she moved from that area of Virginia to Las Vegas. It was there that she did a nude layout for a magazine, which brought major attention along with her first offer of shooting a movie while still in her early 20’s. She then moved to Los Angeles so that she could work full time on furthering her career in the nude modeling industry, under the stage name “SEKA”. Her transition into pornography came at a time (1978, when she was in her 20s) when the entire industry was changing from 35mm film to video. Due to this added exposure she became one of the most popular stars of the time, performing early in her career with the late John Holmes. This explosion in publicity led to somewhat of a wild lifestyle, but then she became more responsible and focused on her career in adult movies and her life in general. The material in her films throughout her career varies tremendously, ranging from anal sex and gangbangs to double penetration (DP) and lesbian shoots. She was also a pioneer in the trend of shaven pubic hair, which is a common trait of today's movies, but was extremely rare at the time. She appeared frequently in the Swedish Erotica series, ranging from volume 11 all the way up to volume 48, as well as Blue Vanities (sporadically from volume 3 to volume 85) and the Erotica Collection. Seka directed Careful He May Be Watching and Inside Seka. In the same year Inside Seka was released, she appeared in 24 films and 37 the year after. These two were to be her most active of her career. They were capped with the collapse of her second marriage to the controlling Ken Yontz and another struggle with drug addictions. This culminated in the 1987 release of Careful He May be Watching being the last film in the decade for the ‘Platinum Princes’ Due to some personal problems, in 1982 she stepped away from her career and concentrated on stripping and nude modeling. In this time she also worked on growing her fanclub. Her last appearance in a porn film was in 1993 in the film American Garter, which was not as well received by the fans as some would have expected, due in part to some changes in Seka’s physical appearance. To this day, Seka remains one of the most recognized starlets of all time. She has established herself as a successful businesswoman, and has plans to film her own autobiography in the future. She is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame and has received praise from many of the other hugely popular performers of her era, including Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn and Veronica Hart, who famously stated, “As long as I have a face, Seka has a place to sit”.

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