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Aliases Marcia Gray, Nichole Thomas, Shanna McCullogh Shanna McCullough is a rare breed of Porn Starlets, one who truly deserves the label of ‘Porn Legend’ that she has been given. Shanna is the epitome of ‘female sexuality’ with her charm, poise, sexy sense of humor, and of course her stunning good looks. Before taking to the carnal cameras, Shanna was involved with her school’s theatre group; she truly loved, and does still to this day, the art of acting. She attended college and graduated with a degree in accounting. Upon seeing an ad for adult performers in the San Francisco newspaper, she checked out some porn flicks, making sure that was what she really wanted to do. Shanna says she loved the XXX business from the beginning, and luckily for us, she has stayed in it for quite some time, each performance as hot and heavy as the last. She has churned her way through some fantastic films and performances, earning her the 1986 AVN Best Actress Award, the 1996 AVN Best Supporting Actress Award, and a place in the 2001 AVN Hall of Fame.

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