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Aliases Shyla Foxx Porn Star Shayla Foxx, with her mind-blowing, uninhibited, sizzling sexuality, has been in the business since 1996. She was discovered by producer/director John T. Boone and signed an exclusive deal with him almost immediately. Thus, she has only appeared in a few films, although in each of them she gives a wild and crazy performance. With her stunning looks and stellar body, she leaves you dreaming about her long after catching a glimpse of her sexcapades on screen.

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Babes Illustrated 5 HEY Sports Fans! It's drooling time again! Feast your eyes on a delicious ensemble of Brazen beauties, including the gorgeous Shayla Foxxx. She interviews as a model for an ultra hot swimsuitlingerie company, then discovers that two of the partners are former lovers and are planning to take over the company. Well, it seems that modeling isn't her only talent, much to the delight of all the other girls. She even has a smokin' session with the photographer played by sexy Caressa Savage. Babes Illustrated Five...It'll take your brain away. A great Shayla Foxx porn movie.

Confessions Of Hollywood Housewives Samantha is the wife of soap opera producer Nick Graham. But Samantha can't help fantasizing about Billy the pool boy. When the ratings start to fall for Flaming Heights (the soap opera), Samantha and her club of Hollywood housewives devise a plan to get a rise out of the ratings and several unsuspecting guys along the way. Samantha fucks the pool boy and her friends fuck the pizza guy, two cops, a doctor, and a nurse. After all their hard work, Nick doesn't even appreciate their efforts. He insults poor Samantha and demands a divorce. Just when Nick thinks that he has matters firmly in hand, Samantha and her pals pull a fast one on him. Shayla Foxx fucked real hard.

Hanky Panky Ambrose McFly, the leading candidate for mayor, stands against vice and decadence. But victory is not so certain when a gorgeous babe from his past shows up and gets a little blackmail going. She's humping her way to financial success. Things get down and dirty with gorgeous girls engaging in hot steamy sex mixed with political Hanky Panky. One of the most popular Shayla Foxx movies.

Risque Burlesque 2 Let's get ready to Mambo. All your favorite characters are back in this raucous fiesta of the flesh. The famous burlesque revue is under attack by devious saboteurs, but Conrad always manages to get the maracas shakin'. With more beautiful chiquita's and spills, chills and thrills than the award winning original. Risqué Burlesque 2 is one hell of a show. XXX Shayla Foxx sex scenes.

Sex Freaks 3 Two hours of crazy XXX sex freaks! Shayla Foxxx and Nikki Brantz Hot Shayla Foxx nude shots.

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