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Aliases Shelbee Myne, Shelbee Mine, Shelby Myne, Stacee The little Southern California blonde bombshell Shelbee Myne has been hot on the porn scene since her debut in 1997. After completing 2 years of college and working in a wide variety of jobs from waiting tables to cleaning houses, Shelby Myne decided to give XXX movies a try. Describing herself as having dual personalities in high school, nerdy school girl by day and wild and crazy party girl by night, working in Triple X seemed right up her alley. Her good friend Krista Maze must have sensed Shelbee’s enthusiasm and sexy sense of raw, uninhibited adventure because she introduced Shelbee to the business. Just when Shelbee Myne thought it couldn’t get any better, her husband Pat joined her in the ranks, and in addition to romping around with fellow pornsters, the two have also produced quite a lusty array of heated passion together on screen.

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