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Tattoos Tattoo Inside Right Ankle, Tattoo Left Shoulder Blade Piercings Pierced Navel Years Active as Performer 1995-2002 Years Active as Director 1997-2003 Aliases Sid Deuce, Sid Duce, Sid Licious

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Anal Bandits Sid Deuce comes from along line of swashbuckling tradition, where honor ruled the day. As part of an elite group that will do anything to satisfy their lust for a good tush, these buccaneers call themselves the ANAL BANDITS. They travel through time, seeking out the anally repressed, and leaving the infamous letter "A" as a reminder of their backdoor visit. So next time you hear a rustle in the trees or a knock on the door - beware! It could be... the ANAL BANDITS! Hot Sid Deuce nude shots.

Car Wash Angels Imagine: You've died and gone to heaven and there are all these gorgeous babes in tiny cut-offs and wet halter-tops washing cars and getting it on with the lucky patrons. Now, imagine Car Wash Angels, because Jim Holliday has gone through hell-and-high-water to bring you the aforementioned sex-spectacle-without the hassle of dying! Hot wax and hand-buffed takes on new meaning as a cast of 18 carwash-crazed-cuties soap-up and get-down with a bevy of lucky customers. Shot on location at a real car wash, this is one time you won't have to worry about taking a rain check. Ever. Very nice Sid Deuce naked scenes.

Cat Lickers 3 Clit licking, finger probing, anal beads and just pain old volcanic sex is wath these panting pussies deliver!! Purrfect... One of the most popular Sid Deuce movies.

Deep Seven VCA Pictures brings you their must-have classics for the first time ever on DVD. A special edition for the true collector! Experience the surreal and nasty world of Henri Pachard with anal, 3-ways, toy play, girl-on-girl, an orgy, and more! Highly recommended Sid Deuce xxx clips.

Love Dancers There is no stopping the love dangers. Their brand of nasty and dirty sex will leave you craving some serious ass! When these babes a hard pole and work their magic, you will be cumming over and over. Get downŠand get dirty! Sid Deuce fucked real hard.

Midget Goes Hawaiian Gidget is lured to Hawaii to pursue a career as a hula dancer by a sleazy talent agent. While there, she has a sexual encounter with a rock n' roll king from space - who gives her a treasure map. Follow Gidget's sexy little adventures on land and sea as she pursues the hidden treasure. A great Sid Deuce porn movie.

Midget On Milligan's Island This sequel to "Gadget Goes Hawaiian" finds our girl, Gadget, on an island with an assortment of characters, including "Milligan". The sex flows freely as they scheme to find a way to get off of (and on) "Milligan's Island". XXX Sid Deuce sex scenes.

Pristine Fast cars and faster women have always been a problem for men. They'll kill you if you don't watch out. Pristine's uncle owns the fast cars. What does Pristine own? Everything, if you don't watch out! See Sid Deuce fuck up close.

Sex Hawaiian Style Take four of the hottest, nastiest, and sexiest adult vixens to Hawaii along with the studs they crave... And you've got a sizzling hot Porn Pineapple Express! Everyone's having sex on exotic beaches, by beautiful waterfalls, and cozy pockets in the volcanic cliffs. Culminating in 8 spume-splashing cum-drenched scenes, you'll get your fill of straight sex, group sex, and girl to girl sex. All this sensuous body surfing is laid out for you here on Oahu, in the romantic Hawaiian Isles! A highly watched Sid Deuce video.

Spinners 2 Alex Sanders has done it again. This time the sSinners Gals have to be five foot two or less. Now that's not a whole lotta woman. Don't be fooled by these Tiny Terrors, there's more than enough loving to go around. What better stage than the ultimate house of spin the laundromat. Get your quarters ready dude, there's some spinning to be done. See Sid Deuce fucking.

The Last Temptation Of Eve A husband and wife are opponents in a bitter struggle against a nasty woman who comes between them! She sleeps with both of them, pitting one against the other in a fight to the end! It's a story filled with infidelity, blackmail, jealousy, and revenge. In other words, it's a story as old as time and as tempting as Eve! Watch Sid Deuce getting fucked.

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