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The steaming hot, sultry and ever so seductive Solveig, pronounced ‘Sol vay’ and meaning ‘From the Powerful Estate,’ has taken her XXX career to the highest extremes, going full throttle where and when no one else will and thus creating her very own, irreplaceable niche in the industry. Her alluring appearance, which is every bit as exotic as her name, in combination with her affinity for spontaneous, raw, and down right dirty sex, has raised her into the top ranks of African-American porn. Her delectable debut was back in 1995 in Contrast, and since then she has racked up over 150 sultry and sexy appearances to her name, as well as produced 2 films as part of her own Gonzo series Solveig’s Way and Solveig’s Way II. Rightfully so, she says she is very proud of both her on screen action and behind the scenes work. Recently, Solveig merged with Porn King Seymore Butts, and the two are in the process of working out an international deal before the highly anticipated Solveig’s Way III is released. Growing up in LA, Solveig says her curiosity and love for sex and exhibitionism was what eventually pulled her into the industry, as before she was keeping busy busting tables. In the long run Solveig says she would like to have a family, and then sadly for us will put an end to her carnal career. However, and lucky for us, she says that will probably not be for a while. In the meantime she says she has a lot planned for her fans.

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