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Years Active 1992-2002 Aliases Monique, Thumper, E Thumper, Menette, Stephanie DuKalle, Stephanie Right Jersey girl Stephanie DuValle hit the hardcore scene hard in the early 1990’s with her rough edge and wild, uninhibited love for on-screen action. She began her XXX career by working as a mud wrestler at the famous Hollywood Tropicana and then churning her way through a number of amateur productions, most of which were done under alternate names making this luscious lust bunny a little hard to track down in her earlier years. However, she slowly and surely moved her way up the hardcore ranks all the way to the top, appearing most often with Porn Star Dick Nasty. One thing is for sure about this rambunctious sex kitten, her appearance in a hardcore feature is nothing less than a guarantee for a full on viewing of unrestrained passion and action.

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