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Aliases Summer Knights Porn Star Summer Knight, with performances as sultry as her name would suggest, all highly erotic and steaming hot, made a name for herself from the beginning of her carnal career as one of the most alluring Starlets around. She debuted in 1991 with features in a number of lower-budget sex vids, but quickly worked her way up to the top, as her excitement, enthusiasm, and energy is infectious. She only appeared in hardcore scenes with her off screen boyfriend Nick Rage, but she would take on any girl/girl action sent her way. Lately she seems to be less interested in her on screen romps with Rage, as well as in her sizzling lesbian scenes on screen, as she has been appearing on more fetish vids, for example her very own, Summer Knightā€™s Foot Tease. Regardless, any and all of her performances are worth watching, as she is no doubt one of the hottest, most erotic Starlets of her time.

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Kittens 4: Bodybuilding Bitches Just picture it. A half-dozen horny, sweaty chicks, all over the gym. All over the workout bench. Best of all, all over each other. They won't stop until they get good and juicy with wild, screaming orgasms. In the pool, in a bathroom and with double dildos. It's anywhere, anytime and with anything for these ladies. They shave, shine and shimmer. Bet you'll be pumping iron before you know it! Summer Knight fucked real hard.

Knight Shadows Summer Knight's girlfriend, Cameo, loves to be spanked. And when Summer finds this out, she has no recourse but to take her to the "Sultan of Spank" himself, Master Seven! A highly watched Summer Knight video.

Smeers You've always dreamed of a neighborhood watering hole like this. Welcome to Smeers, where everybody knows your name, and all your sexual preferences. Join Mad Dad Dan and all the zanies from Hip as they take you for a night on the town you'll never forget. Smeers. It's right up your alley. Highly recommended Summer Knight xxx clips.

Summer Knights Humiliation Of Ruby Richards Summer demands Ruby French kiss her over. She is then ordered to drop her panties and crawl around the floor. Next come spanking with good old fashion over the knee action. Ruby's cheeks turn a fiery cherry red. See Summer Knight fuck up close.

The Disciplinarians It s a rare treat: see a famous female disciplinarian teach the art of girl-spanking to her best pupil! Learning from Dana Johansen (cool blonde beauty Star Chandler) can be a bruising experience, but cute Kim (Isadora Rose) is anxious to try. Enter Mrs. Josephine Jones (adult film sensation Angella Faith) sent by her husband for "correction"-translation: relentless spanking! And when two snobbish young socialites wangle their way into Johansen's lair, Courtney and Rebecca (sexy Summer Knight and adorable Brook Taylor) make perfect subjects for Kim's practice. And does she learn a lesson! Very nice Summer Knight naked scenes.

The Goddaughter An Italian Don exiles his daughter to America after one too many affairs with guys from the wrong side of the tracks. In her efforts to escape her bodyguard, she winds up in the amorous clutches of her father's rival, little knowing that he's out to destroy her father forever! XXX Summer Knight sex scenes.

The Secret Dungeon Alice goes to see her therapist. It's her regular session, but it seems there's been no headway lately. Her therapist suggest hypnosis as a means of determining just exactly what hidden desires might be so deeply buried in the mind of such a beautiful and sensuous woman. Desires so strong they force her to seek answers! In her hypnotic session, Alice's S&M dreams are revealed! Hot Summer Knight nude shots.

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