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Blonde and beautiful - that is Tabitha Stevens. Known for her smile and infectious personality, Tabitha loves driving men crazy on screen. A native of New York State, Tabitha was a housewife before becoming one of the most sought after porn stars. No longer married, she has jumped headfirst into fulfilling her sexual desires - and keeping her fans panting for more. Tabitha loves being an adult film star because it allows her the freedom to explore her sensual fantasies without societal pressures. She hopes to continue working in the business for many years in multiple capacities, including producing and directing. You might catch her at any number of Italian restaurants or deli shops in Los Angeles when she isn’t lusting it up on screen.

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Sanatorium Porn star icon Tabitha Stevens embarks on a journey to recover her sanity after wrestling with the hypocrisy of the anti-porn crusaders who condemn her, discovering that these lawyers, politicians and priests are far more twisted than the sex business could ever be. Their wicked deeds send Tabitha on a personal vision quest fraught with sexual illusions and wildly erotic dream states that turn her into a sexual warrior. Armed with her new power, she's ready to take down the establishment that drove her to the brink of insanity, and prove that there's nothing evil about a beautiful woman who simply loves sex. Very nice Tabitha Stevens naked scenes.

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The Vampire Sex Diaries A research biologist, Brad Brown (Cheyne Collins) and his sexy, innocent girlfriend Amber (Ally Kay) stumble upon a long-forgotten town infested by carnal vampires who've long ago replaced their cravings for blood with an insatiable lust for sex. Lead by the stunning Mistress of the Brood, Vanessa (Tabitha Stevens), the vampires are forced to bleed the young couple of all their sexual fluids after one of the brood, Dean (Jay Lassiter) is overwhelmed by the sexual scent of Amber, taking her and her body while on a "bat" scouting adventure. To complicate matters the Master of all Vampires, Gyrous (Mr Stevens) who has an eternal lust for Vanessa threatens to begin feeding on humans when he learns Vanessa has fallen for Brad. Brad and Amber's fates become entwined in a dithyramb of sex, orgiastic pleasures and passions as the secrets of the Vampire Sex Diaries are exposed... in a forgotton place... far, far away. An eternity of insatiable sexual hunger. They'll drain your sexual fluids and come back for more... for all eternity! See Tabitha Stevens fucking.

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