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Girl next-door Taija Rae appeared to be anything but your typical 1980’s Porn Starlet. However, her seemingly innocent appearance was in stark contrast with her passion for between the sheets action, as became most obvious whenever she got going in front of the cameras. Her wholesome, good girl looks gave way to the lusty, uninhibited sex kitten she truly was as soon as she was paired up with another man or woman. Taking on any chance she had to play the bad girl on set, she was all the more alluring to watch due to her seemingly kind, schoolteacher looks. She broke into the business in 1984 and left behind her quite a long list of juicy flicks before retiring. Among some of her best include Good Morning Taija Rae and The Best of Taija Rae.

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Break'in In Pure 80's style porn with plenty of big hair and raw action! Watch Taija Rae getting fucked.

Careena Collins' Twins OK, it's the 80's, people. We've got big hair, big cocks, and real tits! This movie takes place during a mix-up between two twins. One twin goes around the school and fucks her professor, and then he accidently thinks it was the other sister. These twins stir up a mix of problems in this plot-driven porn. There are a lot of different sex scenes, but you have to watch the full movie straight through to understand what is going on! Hot Taija Rae nude shots.

Chastity And The Starlets There's a big problem at The Starlets Club that has the gentlemen clientele UP in arms! A mysterious force has locked a chastity belt onto the curvy and tiny waist of virgin hottie Chastity. Her sex kitten friends at the Club must find a way to remove the belt, allowing Chastity and her eager young snatch to enjoy the limitless sexual orgies the club has to offer. Will the belt finally be unlocked, thus opening up a Pandora's Box of wild sex for this unspoiled vixen? Taija Rae fucked real hard.

Double Trouble Two southerners break out of jail looking for trouble: Double Trouble! Follow these two as they set out to fuck as many different babes as they can before they get caught! Black, White and Asian... They fuck em all! A great Taija Rae porn movie.

Living Doll Strange tale of toys that come fuck!! See Taija Rae fuck up close.

Opening Night Welcome to THE KNIGHT, the hottest and happiest house in town, catering to only the most exclusive and discriminating clientele. Its patrons are men and women from every walk of life. At the Knight they find satisfaction, pleasure, and their wildest fantasies. Each tape is a full length erotic feature, shot directly on video and starring the best and brightest names in adult entertainment. XXX Taija Rae sex scenes.

Sex On The Set In Sex On The Set, Tanya Lawson has her way with an erotically chained and laced up Janey Robbins. Their fun continues with Ron Jeremy servicing Janey from one end and Tanya from the other. It's Luscious! Very nice Taija Rae naked scenes.

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Susie Nero Triple Feature: Supergirls Do The Navy SUPERGIRLS DO THE NAVY 1984 The prolific Henri Pachard directs an all star cast. The supergirls get filled up with Navy seamen! Highly recommended Taija Rae xxx clips.

Tracy In Heaven Allstar 80's fuck fest with some odd psychedelic video effects! A highly watched Taija Rae video.

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