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Aliases Lorraine Sisco Storming into the world of adult entertainment like a lightning bolt, Tall Goddess is now well known throughout the international fetish scene and the American Porn Industry, having modeled for nearly every famous fetish photographer in the US, England, Germany, Japan, and France. She has graced the cover or centerfold in US’s Hustler, Europe’s Pirate, Britain’s Skin Two, and German’s Marguis, Taboo, Leg Show, and Leg World. In addition, she has also featured on Playboy Radio and TV in the shows Night Calls and Sexcetera, as well as in several mainstream B-movies and the Susan Block Show.

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Adventures In Facesitting Mistress Maiya smothers as a babysitter in black leather pants. She then does some Nude facesitting and smothering and a hot POV scene make this video stand out from the rest. Tall Goddess smothers and dominates slave gaspman and slaps his face so hard it almost cracked the camera lens! She really rides his face and gets so turned on she has an orgasm. Great ass worship and POV scene in this scene as well. A great movie. Tall Goddess fucked real hard.

Best Of Trample This is one of the hottest Trample videos of all time! In this video, you get to feel like the slave the camera angle puts you there with the Mistress, Looking down at you as she tramples your face! The Mistresses talk directly into the camera and tell you to worship their feet! Lots of different camera angles and view points. See Tall Goddess fuck up close.

Bound Hot, edgy sex is what you'll find at this secret sex house. A place where your darkest male fantasies come true! A highly watched Tall Goddess video.

Clique Embrace a voyeuristic fantasy of elegant sensuality combined with raw sex in the Ninn Worx debut of the first truly haute couture director of the female persuasion. One of the most popular Tall Goddess movies.

Girlfriends No dicks allowed! This is absolutely an all girl feature! Very nice Tall Goddess naked scenes.

Girls And Their Toys 10 Welcome to chapter 10 in our popular Girl And Their Toys series. This time, these bubblegum babes dig deep into the toy chest and pull out a smorgasbord of slippery power tools, dildos, and other assorted goodies. Sit back and enjoy the hot and steamy action, this is one play date you don't want to miss! Hot Tall Goddess nude shots.

Krystal Method Take a trip into Krystal Steal's over-sexed mind, in a movie that cuts right to the point... SEX... awesome nasty, beautiful hot sex. Krystal teams up with the queen of adult, Jenna Jameson, to bring to life one of the hottest girl/girl scenes ever caught on camera. The two blonde bombshells will capture you on the first kiss and not let you go until climax! Then Krystal and Eric Masterson deliver Krystal's best boy/girl sex scene to date! Award winning Justin Sterling is true to form and true to Method. Krystal Method. Highly recommended Tall Goddess xxx clips.

Smoke O Rama Starr Productions fires up the time machine and takes you back to an era when dazzling dames and bombshell Betties ruled the Earth! Watch these vaudeville vixens tease and tempt you with their sultry demeanor. You'll feel like you're back in 1953! So pick up this video, organize a stag party, and give the guys a taste of classic broads lighting up! A great Tall Goddess porn movie.

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When Face Meets Ass Part 1: Beautiful Tall Goddess comes home to ask where her money is from her deadbeat boyfriend but when he makes up some stupid excuse of why he doesn't have it, Tall Goddess immediately jumps on his face, FACESITTING him with her mini skirt on using her FULL WEIGHT for extended time! Forward and reverse facesitting follow in a relentless assault on his face! Tall Goddess HANDCUFFS him and SMOTHERS him more, resting her feet on the dresser saying she's not getting up until he pays her back! Part 2: Tall Goddess comes home from a evening out with her friends to find a thief going through her belongings and WRESTLES him to the ground and aggressively pins him down until she is able to put HANDCUFFS on him! She uses her FULL WEIGHT to SMOTHER him and FACESIT him (forward and reverse) until he is weakened by her assault! Next, she throws him onto the couch and continues to SMOTHER him forward and reverse taking her bra down to rub her nipples and begins enjoying herself while waiting for a full CONFESSION of why he is in her room. She takes him down to the floor and lies on top of his face, not caring at all whether he lives or dies! See Tall Goddess fucking.

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