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Aliases Tamara Chang, Tamara Lingley Porn Star Tamara Longley, with her somewhat lanky but yet incredibly delicious and sweet sex appeal, truly is a Porn Legend of her time. As one of the most prolific Starlets of the 1980’s, Tamara Longley kept herself busy during her five years in the business heating up more than 90 scorching sex vids. She had a demure pair of wide, dazzling eyes and a somewhat mature look about her, one that landed her role after role of sexy housewife. Her debut was in the 1983 film, Unthinkable; among some of her other most sizzling appearances were her performances in Amber Lynn’s Personal Best, House of Strange Desires, and Ginger On The Rocks. She left the business in 1989, but not without leaving her lusty love mark on the industry.

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WPINK TV TV cameraman Phil (Ron Jeremy) turns up with a brazen plan for a "sex-rated" past-prime-time program after watching girlfriend Cathy (Christy Canyon) turning on for his private video viewing pleasure. Phil and his crew start the ball rolling with some pulse-stopping aerobics that unbeknownst to the group have been picked up by satellite and beamed around-the-world; launching an investigation led by super-agent Scorpio (Harry Reems). Disguised as a maintenance engineer, Harry is nevertheless quickly spotted as Cathy can't help but notice his gear. Cast and crew continue to make air-waves with special guest star, John Holmes, who holds his own against a panel of experts on Beat The Cock. Behind the scenes, Bambi lens the director a helping hand and Harry convinces Cathy he is ready, willing and more than able to handle his share of the load. Meanwhile a network of foreign and domestic audiences are new desperately trying to horn in on Scorpio's undercover operation. Finally, the lights are dimmed, the cameras stilled and the action slowly grinds to a halt as Cathy and Scorpio take to the darkened center stage for some instant re-play-by-play until, flushed with success, the entire ensemble joins in. Forgotten in the fray agent Scorpio's 2-way communicator is heat activated and his cover is blown, announcing to one and all they have been caught in the act on WPINKTV. Hot Tamara Longley nude shots.

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