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Aliases Angel Carlyle, Courtney Hill, Darcy Darenger As the saying goes, “Big things come in small packages,” and Porn Star Tami Monroe was in every way a true testament to this. Weighing in at only 90 pounds, this 4’10” Starlet was a small bundle of sheer sexual allure and spunk. She hit the industry in the late 1980’s, performing in mostly specialty and fetish tapes. She soon embraced Hollywood, where she was picked up by Caballero Home Video. After working her way up to the top of the industry, she took a brief hiatus in 1990 to marry a Slaughter band member. She returned to Triple X in 1992 though, and made some of her hottest films then, Anal Intruder 7 and The British Are Coming among them. By the mid 1990’s she was hitched again, this time to porn producer Chuck Zane, and she left the industry once again, this time for good

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Breast Collection 5 What a collection of breast! Some of the biggest and best hooters you've ever seen! One of the most popular Tami Monroe movies.

Bruce's Angels: The Inner Circle Bruce's angels may not have wings and halos, but they sure know how to take a whipping. These angels don't solve crimes but they do cum hard! Highly recommended Tami Monroe xxx clips.

Coming Of Age How are you going to keep Tami on the farm after she's seen Aunt Trixie? You see, Tami runs away from home and ends up at Trixie's whorehouse. Soon Tami's coming of age is complete. Tina gives the innocent lass her first taste of frantic lesbian lust, and that's just for starters! See Tami Monroe fucking.

Dark Destiny Now that Master Seven has managed to keep enough money away from the IRS, he's decided to open a club with dancing nymphettes who love to get whipped. After placing an ad in the local B & D directory, the little bimbos are banging at his door. It's amazing how many beautiful, girls love the taste of the lash! See Tami Monroe fuck up close.

Family Affairs The affairs of the flesh take on a hot new look once you get a glimpse of Family Affairs! This comic sex-farce about two rich families starts out with a wild parent-teacher conference you'd never see at school! Wilson the butler is always 'comforting' the lady of the house, while impotent Hank is practicing on blow-up sex dolls. Are these folks crazy enough for youor what? And it gets even wilder! The many more lusty couplings prove 'the family that lays together, stays together! A great Tami Monroe porn movie.

Head Lock When it comes to an orgy of lust-crazed encounters, The Princess of the Night knows all the moves! In the ring or in the sack, Tori Welles and her beautiful wrestling girl co-stars body slam their way into an erotic adventure. You'll soon see that if you can get past one with Tori Welles, you can do anything. Very nice Tami Monroe naked scenes.

Hyperkink The Hypersexual Epic As darkness sets, five ordinary people seek shelter from a storm. Their lustful, hypersexual urges create a transformation of the hottest sex ever put forth on video. When the heat is on the sex takes over The Hypersexual Epic! XXX Tami Monroe sex scenes.

Kinky Couples Your man will never want to have overage sex again once you visit Jamie and Serena's home! Here you'll experience lust beyond your wildest imagination, teasing games of domination, rear end spankings, and anal awards foot worshiping sex toy hysteria and lesbian atrocities. It's everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to try! Now's your chance to take it to the absolute limit! Tami Monroe fucked real hard.

Sex Toy Always ready and willing, she's the best toy around! Tiny Tami can turn an ordinary sex scene into a supernatural sexual experience! Watch as she devours Victoria Paris, leaving her gasping for more! Women aren't the only thing Tami craves as she eagerly demonstrates her oral abilities on the rod of John Dough. This is one Sex Toy that loves her work! Next, the insatiable Cheri Taylor gets into the act and helps Tami bring Ray Victory to his knees. Tami proves that she's one Sex Toy that needs to be played with! Hot Tami Monroe nude shots.

Swedish Erotica 11 Get ready for some more old school erotic passion as Tami Monroe, Angel Cash, Randy West, and many more show you how they fuck back in the day! Don't miss out on this hot 11th edition of Swedish Erotica! Enjoy! A highly watched Tami Monroe video.

Swedish Erotica 85 Nothing but Tami Moore in this 85th edition to the Swedish Erotica Series! Watch as this beautiful slut from the 80's takes the stage for a great time sucking and fucking some of the biggest cocks in the biz! Don't miss out on some of Tami's best scenes ever! Watch Tami Monroe getting fucked.

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