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Aliases Martha, Martha Curran, Martha Taylor, Taylor, Taylor J., Taylor J. Morgan English born Porn Star Taylor J. Morgan hit the UK porn scene with a sizzle in 1999. After working as a hairdresser, Sales Rep, Care Assistant, and Trainee Accountant, she grew bored of the tiresome, monotonous drone of office life and decided it was time for a change. Pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a model, she has so far been shot by many top photographers including Jeff Kaine and Steve Colby, gracing the cover of several men’s magazines, including Club, Men Only, Escort, Razzle, Mayfair, Unzipped, and many more. In addition, she has appeared on Playboy TV and the Adult Channel in series such as Sunday Sport Stunners, The Really naked Chef, Deep Desires, Pornomedics, and Private Girls. Currently, Taylor is hard at work promoting herself in the US, shooting for US Penthouse and Hustler. Also recently, Taylor has been contracted as the Pamela Anderson look-alike by the series Celebrity Doubles, and she is starting up her own Production Company entitled, Mighty Meat Films, which she says, “is gonna be great!!!”

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Weapons of Mass Satisfaction About to meet her maker, Private Sauce has been charged with double-dealing and deception. Captain Flash-Flies is in charge and Private's Moon and Flute are standing by ready albeit half cocked. Private Sauce demands a fag as her last request, but hey, it's not that kind of movie. Instead she settles for a last meal of truncheon meat. "Left, right, left right, mess tins at the ready plenty of sauce to go round. Quick munch!" One of the most popular Taylor J. Morgan movies.

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