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Aliases Tina Taylor, Raven, Chanel, Cheri Raven Red-hot Tianna Taylor seemed destined for porn stardom from the very beginning of her Triple X career. She has a lean, nicely toned body with large, heavily inflated breasts, not to mention a highly charged voracious sexuality. She broke into the business in 1990 after putting in her time as an exotic dancer. Some of her best early performances include Adventures of Seymore Butts and Adventures of Breastman. When the mid 1990’s rolled around Tionna cut back a little on her workload, however she made a come back in the late 1990’s and filmed some of her best work then. Tianna Taylor retired from the business in late 1998, but not without leaving over 115 scorching hot sex vids for her fans to enjoy for many years to come.

Tianna Taylor Video on Demand

Dark Dreams Join Samantha Strong, Nikki Sin, Dallas St. Clair, Shanna Rose, Stacy Nichols, and Tianna Taylor as they take you deep into their dreams. They fantasize about fucking and sucking all night long and their dreams come true! See Tianna Taylor fuck up close.

Hooter Heaven It's a bazoomba paradise! Move aside, psychics, there's a fornicating fortuneteller in town. While massaging the taut nipples of his eager clients, Raphael, the mammary man, sees the sensual past and erotic futures of each lovely sex goddess. As his business booms, the sleazy Gino and the amorous Angel try to horn in and shut him down, so bring on the jugs, the mounds and the melons. Whether it's the past, present or future, it's all a Hooter Heaven! A highly watched Tianna Taylor video.

Inside Of Me We forgot lots of things we do in our life but there are things that stay inside our mind forever! A great Tianna Taylor porn movie.

Jiggly Queens It's a parade of double-D and larger boobies as these titanic-tomatoed temptresses bounce all over the screen and on top of their men's dongers. Tianna Taylor fucked real hard.

Miracle On 69th Street It's a Christmas tale with a true sense of giving. When Santa needs help delivering his gifts, the hottest babes come to fill his stockings. They're ready and willing to trim your tree, but just remember they want more than milk and cookies! One of the most popular Tianna Taylor movies.

More Than A Handful 2 He's looking for a woman who has the chest to satisfy his burning carnal desire. Only one women has the breasts to please his to the hottest, most erotic, large breasted women you can imagine. He needs more than a handfulWhat about you? See Tianna Taylor fucking.

Nookie Of The Year Grab your bat and step up to the plate. Alicia Rio is bending over and just waiting for you to drive one home. XXX Tianna Taylor sex scenes.

Suck On My Lollicock Watch as these girls line up to suck on Peter North's cock. Featuring the king of pop shots plus an all-star cast. Very nice Tianna Taylor naked scenes.

The Adventures Of Seymore Butts You see, I have always had an obsession with butts! Maybe it's because my name is Seymore Butts! Or maybe it's because it's more fun to watch a pretty girl walking away from me because then they can't see me drooling! I found a video camera and I'm going to take you on an adventure in buttland! Watch Tianna Taylor getting fucked.

The Love Button Seductive and sensual. Hot and naughty, That's Julie. And Wayne will do anything to keep her for himself. But unfortunately Julie has a sexual appetite not easily satisfied by one man... or one woman. She loves to expose her tantalizing tits and taut thighs and does so as often as possible. First she ravishes super hunk Rick until he bursts out with pleasure. Then she turns her insataible desires on Michelle. What follows is a st4eamy threesome lustfest that lasts long into the night. it's one toorid scene after another, guaranteed to drive you wild! Hot Tianna Taylor nude shots.

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