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Aliases Tigerlily, Tiger Lilly Born and raised in the LS area, Porn Star Tiger Lily is an Asian beauty with a small, petite frame and killer appetite for anything naked. She was bit by the porn bug when she first posed nude for an artist friend and realized just how much she loved her nude self in a more public setting. Then, she began working for an adult Webcam service and soon sent some of her own pictures to Mimi Miyagi’s amateur Asian adult model search. She soon started filming as well as feature dancing, claiming that neither one turned out to be anything close to what she had expected. Rather, they were both a lot more fun and exciting than what she had anticipated. With Mae West as her childhood hero, Tiger Lily has lived up to every aspiration she once had as a child. Her long-term goals include getting married, perhaps with children, designing for her own company, and traveling the world.

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