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Aliases Anna Marie Sanchez, Ursula Passarelli, Vanessa Del Rio Congratulations to Vanessa Del Rio for winning the 2007 VOD AWARDS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD!At 56yrs old, Vanessa Del Rio is still going strong! She is a true legend in the adult entertainment industry and if you have not seen either her vintage porn or some of her newer releases that you are missing out. Dubbed the “anal queen” due to her extended anal sex scenes, this harlot of mixed African and Hispanic background is still active today and constantly posts her life on her webpage. Watch one of her classics like “Man-eater” when she was young and hungry or check out one of her newer films like “Beyond Desire” where she shows all the tricks she has learned along the way!

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Teenage Bikers Tonight at the Dirty Drive-In, a film popular with today's leather clad motorbike set. Teenage Bikers features two of today's hot adult film stars, Jamie Gillis and Vanessa Del Rio, as members of an outlaw biker gang who love nasty and raw sex. See Vanessa Del Rio fucking.

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Virgin Snow A sexually explicit search of a woman (Laura Hunt) to find the one man, that perfect union, that will give her the always near, and yet very elusive moment of total orgasm. From the busting city to the swinging ski resorts she fills her lust, accompanied by a sexually animalistic Jean Jensen (of DEFIANCE) and the super exotic, Hope Stockton and Vanessa Del Rio. A true 1977 classic!! Watch Vanessa Del Rio getting fucked.

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