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When Zdeno Reif isn't in front of the screen he's still having plenty of sex...after all that's one of his favorite hobbies! He also likes sweating over cars when he isn't sweating between the sheets. Zdeno is a sports fanatic but can't choose just one for his favorite. Fitness is one of his favorite activities, he works hard to look this good and loves doing it! He has already ventured to Europe but longs to travel to the United States and go to Los Angles sometime soon! Who knows, we might be seeing much more to come from Zdeno if he is found in Los Angeles! Zdeno once went by the name Felippe Hrabik.

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Flics A Defoncer The best means of corrupting a cop is to pay it back in kind! What could be better than someone to cherish your balls after they suck them! It's useless to get a business intern to do this cause then you will have to pay them back in kind! Enjoy this hot cop on cop blowjob and fuck fest! Hot Zdeno Reif nude shots.

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Inside Jirka Gregor Jirka's many fans will remember that he was an extremely tough nut to crack. Lots of hands slapped away from his private parts. Then. just like a Gemini. Jirka did a 180. and went from refusing to do anything to wanting to do everything. Jirka was str8er than str8. The harder they fall. He's just an extremely sexy guy. Once he decided to give it up. he turned out to be extremely friendly.flirty and a real gentleman. A great Zdeno Reif porn movie.

Kasarna Bi The Road Once again, international film maker William Higgins has fashioned another free-wheeling grand tour through the erotic world of Eastern Europe, where anything goes! In KASARNA BI THE ROAD, his first bi-sexual film since the hugely popular INN BI THE ROAD, he takes us into the secret world of the military base ("kasarna" in Czech) and reveals a whole new meaning to the phrase "military service." From its opening scene, a physical exam in the infirmary, to the hour-long orgy finale with the camp's nurses, every uniform fantasy you can imagine is brought to life by a handsome cast of sexually uninhibited Czechs. In this man's army, the object of one's affection is not limited to the opposite sex -- or to the same sex, for that matter. And when there are not enough women to go around, these raw recruits are just as happy to lend each other a helping hand and release their built-up tensions by making love not war. With a cast that includes four dazzling newcomers and a host of familiar favorites, KASARNA BI THE ROAD captures no-holds-barred sexplay where a hot partner, no matter which sex, is just the thing for building morale and bonding these hot young soldiers into a buddy brigade. XXX Zdeno Reif sex scenes.

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Tickled Pink Barefoot In Prague A William Higgins Foot and Tickle Fetishes movie. For years we have been asking William Higgins to make a foot fetish movie. Finally, our prayers have been answered. Here's a playful, erotic tribute to the sensuality of foot worship. Plenty of frolicking foreplay sets the stage as stunning young men tickle one another in a giggling frenzy, then move into some sizzling footplay. Toe-sucking becomes an art from as fruit and whipped cream accent these delectable delights. Foot jacking and toe fucking pave the way for hard-action gay sex, and each scene is highlighted by a foot-drenching climax. One of the most popular Zdeno Reif movies.

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